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  1. i have been away, and am lost.

  2. Hello Baino, where you been at!?

  3. thats mean, why would anyone wish DST to be associated with us?? the americans can have her instead

  4. If LHW has anything to do with Smooching! dont do it Kaliopy, its a trap!!

  5. MD Market, fully upgraded creatures, with wins and tokens for sale/trade

  6. Hello Iridian!!

    *steps away from her Annoying! pixie dust "attack"* arrrg

  7. its good that you can be with your Grandma x

  8. Coowee!! hope you are well little mouse!

  9. Ahu Ahu Ahu!! (im ready to fight!)

  10. "Happy" is very apt i reckon, one of the best emotions to wish to someone, thanks MD x

    1. Dormouse


      Happy New Year Aster! *blows kiss*

    2. Asterdai


      aww thanks Dormouse! means so much more coming from you xx

    3. Dormouse


      Just checked in again and spotted your pics in Arundel (just down the road from me!) See I knew you were a bloke so I don't understand why you have a female avatar? Maybe you don't cross dress in Arundel hey? LOL!

  11. you know its been like over a year.. but i havent forgot ya! hope you are doing well if you read this by logging on randomly one day

  12. thinks he should read more carefully before posting "assumptions"

    1. Asterdai


      sorry Curiose, i had failed to read your reply to Chewett's post regarding the WP for storynight thing. Please accept an apology for my rash statements.

    2. Sasha Lilias

      Sasha Lilias

      Funnily enough I thought the exact same thing about myself...except mine was just before posting anything :D

  13. i remember the song you sung last year, but it didnt stick out half as much as your awesome story reading this year. Nice work!

  14. never read this before, really funny..

    1. Asterdai
    2. Asterdai


      never ever looked in the offtopic i swear.. its gonna take me a year to get through this!

  15. Hey Curiose, move over! gimme some roooooom! Ruuuuumii!!

  16. Hello! Hope your garden is coming along nicely :P

  17. Hello! i see that you are in the Guerilla!

  18. aww how sweet! its a little Dormouse!

  19. butterfly! Paro Paro!

  20. asterdai@yahoo.co.uk

  21. and for that reason... Im out

    1. (Zl-eye-f)-nea


      bah, Duncan you never invest!

    2. Asterdai


      but 1% of your company, just isnt enough for me

    3. Dormouse


      Thank you for your kind comment.

  22. Going away on holiday to sunny Corfu, will be back in a week :( see you soon, (i wanna get a mega tan!)

    1. Peace


      Hope you have fun, Aster. Corfu has amazing places to visit! Enjoy!

    2. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      Corfu? is that a new land in MD? Mega Tan? is that your new weapon? lol. have fun!

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