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  1. I made a list with 5 items that can be created from common and resources. I have other similar ideas and one grand idea. Should I continue or let this die? 1) Malodorous Potion - when poured on a player, the player loses all their Vitality Points due to fainting Muddy skull Fungal mass Bit of rotten skin Spicy maggots Finger nail 26 Toxic plants 3 Toxic Gas 3 Solid stench 100 Uses 2) Vial of Misery - when inhaled by a player, his tongue turns blue and starts to swallow taking the ability to speak for 5 minutes Wormy driftwood Handful of Dirt Mu
  2. actually i have submitted 10 drawings but no results
  3. Not really Chewett ... he wasnt clear ... he said we'd miss a few rounds of the action is all. What you said was much clearer. Well .. have fun guys. Catch ya next time.
  4. [quote name='Shadowseeker' post='35384' date='Jun 28 2009, 05:26 PM']..Ugh, not more work <.< I'll let you guys hop in for 1 silver each. Real silver, not those I distribute "inquest". The disadvantage you get is that you lack a few rounds of actions (i think I'll just let you two join on Day 4, however I wait for the silver to come in later, or else no rewards ), but that can be positive as well...I bet some people would love a reset now.[/quote] Actually what i meant was by me starting on day 4 ... will there be a disadvantage to me when comes the time to pick the winners? hehe
  5. Ouch .. looks like i missed the registration >.< Can I still join for one silver? will I be at a disadvantage or something?
  6. Umm ... when is the dateline for this?
  7. sorry but how do you submit to Glordamar? I noticed that he is not an RPC
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