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  1. I wish to re-apply for a position in GotR now that I have returned. I appologise for vanishing without saying that I was leaving. I wish to join because loreroot is my home, and the only place I can feel a part of. I would do anything to defend our land, and I wish to serve the land in a greater way. My loyalty will always lie with the land and its King, and I wish to be of service to both.
  2. And apparently yelling at the signs dosen't help. Anyway, finished the third part yesterday, it's been fun, thanks
  3. Hey, I wish to join the Guardians, Im an MP4 and have been on a while now, though took a break a bit back. I have always liked loreroot, and even if I am refused my allegience will still remain withe loreroot. I also wished to get involved with MD in general alot more (Mentoring on role-play anyone? lol) Anyway, thanks for reading
  4. Heh, i'll be wondering around as always, trying to get more wins (MP4 is slowly killing me ) Anyway, im always for a chat, or RP either way.
  5. I just wanted to say hi, Ive been away for what was probably the best part of a year, good to see you all again
  6. Poppitz, you seem to have a fan club They are really good though, I like them, anyways, good luck with the guild
  7. Can't pass up on this now can I? Demonwulf (You probably guessed) ID:147867
  8. Just wanted to say hi , So far the game is great, though im not too good at fighting yet , so... Hi!
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