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  1. Bought the GG drach.. So this can be closed ^^
  2. -Updated And still looking for a GG drach...
  3. Updated after transaction
  4. I think they should definently be easier to get. I might be wrong... But there is 12 different ones, and they cannot be traded after they morph into something. So putting one or two in the deepest part of mdshop doing Christmas. is not really doing that much.of a difference. They will still become rare a bit after christmas, until the next christmas. (Unless people just decide to never morph them) And then people will hopefully try to get all of the different ones, and not just hoard them because they are rare.
  5. Looking to [s]buy a reindrach and[/s] a normal drach. Please [b]send me a pm[/b] with your wished price... [b]Edit:[/b] Got an Rusty... Now I only need a gg drach and a reindrach... [b]Edit Again:[/b] Got the Reindrach... So only looking for a GG now... Because of the drachs costing more than I tought, I might be topping it out with credits if I cant afford it in Gold and silver coins ^^.
  6. mmh... tough I like having a broken creature, It might be better to get it fixed too... Player ID: 132856 Creature [color="#999999"]ID: 696191 [/color]
  7. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1305959978' post='84776'] Did Paracelsus PM you or so? Meh, I'd have bid 4 silver on the angien where he bid 3.5... Well, now I have to find you online. I'm usually at the MDP over the day, I'm sure we can arrange something. Did Paracelsus PM you or so? Meh, I'd have bid 4 silver on the angien where he bid 3.5...I wanted both, else I don't particularly want them... Well, now I have to find you online. I'm usually at the MDP over the day, I'm sure we can arrange something. Edit: If you mean his post after me, I saw his post, then edited my own to o
  8. The bidding is now closed... I have updated the bidding on the first post (without errors I think ) And no I wont be quitting... Im going to buy new creatures and start playing again. Please find me at the at the fortunes well or pm me on the forum to find a time to trade.
  9. The bidding will close in 4 hours...
  10. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1305783823' post='84631'] If you mind me asking- is there any particularly low ID, or symmetric, like 342342m or 342243? [/quote] 402679', '446555', '465228', '468647', '468653', '486123', '486862', '500010', '503166', '503167', '505713', '507571', '508037', '589932', '600206', '600209', '601060', '611491', '613646', '614284', '614359', '620738', '622982', '626110', '652142' Is the ID´s of the creatures... And it should be in the same order as I have listed the creatures in the first post... ^^
  11. So I havent been playing for a while... And being pulled into the game again because somebody wanted my drachs... :-P (and a little more) Made me realise I wanted to start over with the creatures... So know im selling all the creatures I have left after my rare creatures sale... So nothing rare is here... But if you want them here is the list... [s]Chaos Archer age 833 (1sc Grido)[/s] [s]Majestic Winderwild age 786 (3sc shadowseeker)[/s] Water Daimon III age 768 (2sc maebius) [s]Knator War master age 764 (7sc (Zl-eye-f)-nea)[/s] [s]Master Lorerootian age 764[/s] [s]Imperial ara
  12. Oh well... Then I will hope for that to change...
  13. Okey I can understand that. But if he uses the % for the whole time I would have a very hard time even getting any gifts next year if I log on everyday... And I am not going to do that even if I had the time... But oh well I hope there wasnt anything important in my presents... And thanks for the answer. Edit: By the way I thought the reason was because of alts, not the hardly ever used accounts. ?
  14. To be honest Im not really playing this game a lot anymore, and I have not been playing it for a long time because of computer trouble. But I have a question about the gifts for christmas. Im getting this error when trying to open the first present: Error: SyntaxError Err description: undefined Err number: undefined Err message: missing ; before statement Ajax response: You do not meet the requirements for receiving a gift this year. So my question here is if I just dont meet the requiements (I find the error pretty weird). And I didnt think I would get to be one of those that
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