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  1. [quote name='Grim Angel' timestamp='1259949068' post='49106'] I like it Will we be rewarded for the days we have now or from when it‘s implemented? [/quote] it should be retroactive, otherwise, it'd be unfair to those who has stayed with MD the longest so because they had the unfortunate fate of getting into MD before this is implemented, they won't have this reward which, for all intents and purposes, is meant to reward loyalty? if that's the case, then that will just encourage more alts...
  2. disclaimer: i am not very good with words, so here. judge my work for what it's worth [b]Resting Place[/b] I have come to my resting place. Where the air is fresh and the wind is cool Where the rocks are white and the sands are fine Where the trees are dense and the land is lush and the heavens and stars refresh your soul at night. I will remove the ropes and untie the boat. I have come to my resting place. I have come to my resting place. Where the birds fly free and the fishes swim deep Where horses run wild and foxes go tame Where sheep cry silently and cricket
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