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  1. i have no honor issues but that's only because i recently farmed Phoenix who has been idling to get losses ever since HC
  2. how long should the story be? because i imagine if we are posting in chat that would take quite awhile to finish one story (depending on the story's length) i have an especially lengthy story in mind (it is written in a verse though so i guess it can be posted in chat) just to be clear i can send my story to either Kyphis, wanderer, or curiose - right?
  3. i'm concerned about the fact that players who give positive honor (those that i can beat anyway) are always hiding in sanctuaries those that are not are expected to have strong defenses the only thing i can say is: the honor system is seriously flawed a new mp5 has only 2 options: gather as many losses until such time he can gain positive honor from attacking others or hide in sanctuaries but here's the kicker - most of the old mp5s have losses ranging from 300-400 one i know has 900 losses (very strong and very confident!) considering skill dmg is at 1000 losses so, to even gain posit
  4. so? i believe jz walking around in the realm invites attacking you have to accept this as a fact of life whenever you go out of sanctuaries yeah there are places like SG or whatever that has rules such as don't attack unless idle etc, etc.. but seriously, why count on ppl following rules? if someone is strong enough to flaunt the rules, do you think they'd follow? when i go to park, i expect to be pummeled to death regardless of whether i'm idle or not some of those who can give me positive honor do a hit and run tactic as if i can damage them! lol since i can reasonably expect oth
  5. wouldn't you get stuck in GG if you go there?
  6. [quote name='Metal Bunny' timestamp='1286064714' post='69534'] it is still enough to prosecute someone on the charge of the threat of bodily harm. Check your mouth and fingers now, before I sue you. Then brush up on your law and then your manners. [/quote] lol. bodily harm? do tell me where in those posts threat of bodily harm was mentioned? and yes, do check my mouth and fingers now coz the old boys club are closing ranks on each other and just becaue i'm questioning authority im rude? lol. are you people used to everyone kissing your ass in MD? or can we have a debate without an
  7. cross what? your sense of power? lol. check your reasoning mate. if you'd actually use calm reasoning, you wouldn't go there. right now, your ego is egging you on. why coz your sense of authority is being questioned? try now and there will be a trial. because i will demand one. we can't have a precedent for fascism in MD... nor for any other plays of tyranny hiding under the veneer of flimsy authority i pointed something quite clearly. in the real world, this wouldn't even warrant serious attention but only because it was put in the rules could we remove the log post without it, we
  8. that's still not eligible for censorship in the real world Shadow well, the rules said public logs - if it wasn't there, no reason to even try censorhip and please, don't act like little tyrants here, even if its just a game your character shows how bad a leader you would be in the real world power mad? god complex? lol. insecure people always does that with a bit of power gained. a bit of a tap on the wrist, admonishment - and we're all good friends eh? out in the real world, we value freedom of speech. i may not agree with what you say, but i'll defend with my life your right to
  9. actually, the game was designed to filter, not to let in i hope you get the idea
  10. even in the real world, these comments wouldn't be censored [s]anything that violates the TOS, falls under hate speech, offensive language?[/s] am i missing anything? amoran, stop being a stuck up... edit: well bfh outgunned me...
  11. [quote name='Grim Angel' timestamp='1259949068' post='49106'] I like it Will we be rewarded for the days we have now or from when it‘s implemented? [/quote] it should be retroactive, otherwise, it'd be unfair to those who has stayed with MD the longest so because they had the unfortunate fate of getting into MD before this is implemented, they won't have this reward which, for all intents and purposes, is meant to reward loyalty? if that's the case, then that will just encourage more alts...
  12. Lifeline, my application got rejected because you say i stated no reason but the application form is buggy i sent an application form with a very long reasons list and then when i click submit application my message just disappeared and idk if it got sent or not since there was no confirmation so how can i apply if application form won't send my messages?
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