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  1. [quote name='Grim Angel' timestamp='1259949068' post='49106'] I like it Will we be rewarded for the days we have now or from when it‘s implemented? [/quote] it should be retroactive, otherwise, it'd be unfair to those who has stayed with MD the longest so because they had the unfortunate fate of getting into MD before this is implemented, they won't have this reward which, for all intents and purposes, is meant to reward loyalty? if that's the case, then that will just encourage more alts...
  2. Harion

    Wish Shop

    i like kafuuka's idea. wishpoints should be spent on what it is named after, wishes. and just like with all wishes, it may or may not come true, or may come true but not as you would like. wishpoints shouldn't be made into a currency like, hey this item is for 2 WP. each WP should be worth exactly one wish.
  3. not fair! i'm planning to say hello when i become legend
  4. disclaimer: i am not very good with words, so here. judge my work for what it's worth [b]Resting Place[/b] I have come to my resting place. Where the air is fresh and the wind is cool Where the rocks are white and the sands are fine Where the trees are dense and the land is lush and the heavens and stars refresh your soul at night. I will remove the ropes and untie the boat. I have come to my resting place. I have come to my resting place. Where the birds fly free and the fishes swim deep Where horses run wild and foxes go tame Where sheep cry silently and cricket
  5. [quote name='dst' post='29326' date='Apr 24 2009, 04:54 PM']Harion, what the guys didn't tell you is that the dojo will not have a "code" support. It's a social movement started long time ago by Calyx and we have to deal with it as it is (without poping up messages or things like that).[/quote] i realize that already before. that the dojo functions more on a social agreement made by the players. but how do you think laws evolved in the 1st place? social agreements are bound into writing and enforcement is bound along with it [quote name='dst']And as Burns said: if there will ever be a
  6. [quote name='King Manu' post='29049' date='Apr 18 2009, 08:00 AM']In so many years of programming i fear my mind got used to logical things and that something can or can't work, but not in between. 1 is 1 and 0 is 0, in a logical sense, but this thing not logic. i fear this goes more into psychology research than a fancy MD feature, but, would't be the first one [/quote] if i have understood correctly everything that you have written in this thread, and guessed correctly what you are aiming to do, then i'll tell you: you are right - a pure programmer alone cannot do what you aim to do so
  7. [quote name='Burns' post='29322' date='Apr 24 2009, 03:39 PM']that would definitely stop players from offending multiple times because because they'd quit -.-[/quote] again, i don't think they'd quit. anyone foolish enough to persist when he knows punishment is severe is clearly ready to suffer any punishment that may be meted out. and there could be safeguards so that players can get off the list via a public apology and a promise never to do the offense again. of course if the promise is broken, then there you go, we can be evil and give them xp for them to cap out [quote name='Burns']
  8. ^^ i wonder who's the fool the one berating a newb for voicing out something he doesn't know or the newb voicing out something he doesn't know... hmm... let me go and check my obvious meter
  9. good to know you can state the obvious coz OBVIOUSLY if i HAD solved it and everyone who's solved it WOULD KNOW then i wouldn't be saying what i posted before, would i? or are you pointing out i was claiming i solved the puzzle? good to know you need your reading comprehension improved then coz i claimed nothing of the fact
  10. i don't think you'd scare away a player that insists on flaunting the law even when warned what that would do though is DETER them not scare them away
  11. well, there should at least be a note on that garden saying you should take a screenshot if you solve the puzzle (one showing your name i should add) as rewards aren't automatic and needs to be proven and also, most importantly, when to know you've solved it coz obviously, even if you turn it all black or all orange if nothing happens on the screen no glowing or nothing that says, congratulations you'll just keep clicking on waiting for something to happen i mean, 1st time i wandered there i knew it was a puzzle i thought a set pattern was needed so i just kept clicking hoping to
  12. [quote name='Burns' post='29288' date='Apr 24 2009, 03:35 AM']You seem to have missed the threat dealing with all those issues... The codework would be horrible, and totally unneccesary, as you said, breaking laws can be a part of the game, too^^[/quote] well, i'm not a programmer, so i'll trust this issue with those who know and yeah, breaking laws can be part of the game [quote name='Burns']bounty hunting would mess the game for most players...[/quote] in what way? [quote name='Burns']there are a few people in here who love the kill, and if bashing mp3-4 got openly rewarded, those
  13. the sensible solution to someone doing havoc as part of the role play is a solution also based on role play just put repeat offenders on a bounty list anyone on the list will be open to attack from any mp level on any place in the realm even on sanctuaries and will be handicapped on all fights bounty hunters who succeeds in killing off a wanted player's ritual gets reward player gets off the list after a month of no offense relocating the dojo or making a separate dojo is just admitting defeat and capitulating to repeat offenders' desire to inflict chaos players who flaunt dojo ru
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