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  1. wants to settle down in an alliance

  2. what about GG and Necro
  3. i wouldn't mind being a king or prince, i am unbias and i have been in an alliance for most lands e.g i have been in The frat, CoE and SoE. I know i an disliked by many and people might think i am not devoted to a land. I haven't made a choice for a land to be devoted too so maybe someone could choose for me. I truthfully think i would be fair king/prince. (probably, no nearly definately won't get it though ) Please say why not soon lol
  4. I love Loreroot, i am also friends with quite a few of the Gotr members. I feel Loreroot is a land worth fighting for, i like the creatures and i will do my best to defend loreroot. I'm active, i go on every day except when i'm on holiday. I feel Loreroot is unique. Tom6 sorry i posted topic instead of replying
  5. I will paticipate in this quest Tom6 Id 66717
  6. Tom6

    Alliance Idea

    Chewett please close this, i have changed my mind
  7. Tom6

    Alliance Idea

    ok, i will try and get the members to start roleplaying it and i will rp it too.
  8. Tom6

    Alliance Idea

    I already have 3 members wanting to join. There is another player who would like to join but i'm not sure he's good enough. Regards Tom6
  9. Tom6

    Alliance Idea

    The alliance would be called Disciples Of The Sun, we would be based in Marind Bell and our main objective is to worship and research the Sun God, and stop darkness from ever ruling this world. Inside of that there could be projects like research the champions dome, the Sun God armour and other places of mystery in MB. Another main objective would be to defend marind bell at all costs. an acronym could be dots. Regards Tom6
  10. I don't play pokemon, i don't play anything (except MD)
  11. I would like to be a slave Tom male i'm friendly, hard working, i will do what you ask as quick as i can. i don't back talk, i like to have a good chat with people and i will do whatever you want, unless it's against the rules. yours slaving Tom
  12. I would like to aply to become a dojo staff member. I'm mp4, i am quite friendly and i know the dojo rules. :lol: i do help noobs and those who ask questions. i know a couple of dojo staff so they could help me a bit. please reply soon Tom6
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