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  1. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1318316767' post='93839'] You are being obtuse. When i removed your accounts i stated quite clearly that you are only allowed one account per person. Not per IP. I have previously removed accounts who the owner has initially agreed it was their alts, and then when the other account is useful ingame, they claim that i removed accounts just because they shared an IP. I could not possibly know if you are indeed two different people if you did not tell me, therefore i said they were alts. Iv seen a lot of people "claim" that they live with someone else, share
  2. But but but the MDA basement is packed! With more than just a few people to socialise in there too! (Indeed I have spent much time in there) I support your thought and although I may not be wealthy nor have the powers as Passant nor the players above, I will too be happy and willing to donate! December does hold a special place and yes it is definitely a time where everyone should just get along! All other dramas/issues can wait!
  3. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1318234563' post='93704'] I dont know why you waited that long and decided to use this as a fight agents Grido. Now if grido did not report the issue then that is another matter. This is yet another attack on Grido that you decided to use since he demoted you. That is dont in very bad taste. [u][b]Tis lessens my view of you. I thought you where better than that.[/b][/u] [u][b]It is a shame really.[/b][/u] It is easy to find out the email for the council it has been given many times it is public so not hard to find oh and a simple question is to ask o
  4. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1318241079' post='93718'] Hmm this is being done on Golemus so why have you not spoken with me in regards this. The items may be open to other to get at the mountain. But making a profit from it? Also The fact it was not spoken with me the king of the land is an issue in its self. All the above question could have been answered by myself easily. Anything involving Golemus and its resources you need to speak with me or if you cant get me then Grido as my second in command. If both of us are not around then Burn would be able to help you. between the 3
  5. Hello there MD community! I've got a little question but we need to establish a few facts first:[list] [*]Me and my friend live in the same dorm (Sharing internet = same IP) [*]He wants to provide a service; to distribute Heat Jars and the person to whom he gives the Jar to can donate as much as they want for his service (including nothing!) [*]He does not have the means to escape GG so he has asked me to advertise for him instead (not only that but I have access to public logs which can spread the advertisement better) [*]He does not pick up any jars until requested to by another [*]Al
  6. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1318072779' post='93554'] It is very easy to become a veteren, Just waiting is needed, and also very easy to not pay attention to what is happening, and miss out issues, to be honest, iv seen you around before, and you may be an old player, But really, i have no clue who you are from your playername [/quote] Indeed this is true! (Each individual has their role right? ) My influence really stopped once the players I knew left (which the main reason I've remained dormant) ...but back on topic now!
  7. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1318063939' post='93537'] Grido did not make dst's punishment public because he did not want Seighart to know what it was. The council did not investigate because the case was never brought to them. The previous poll resulted as it did because it brought into question Grido's suitability as the LHO leader instead of the way he handled the recent LHO cases. [/quote] Finally! Someone who actually understands and explains everything! But I'm still uncertain as to "what" Dst had done however... [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1318023591' post='93520'] It is
  8. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1318019060' post='93517'] Curi, this is not a hill worth dying for. [/quote] It might not be worth dying for but we've all still got to try, right? I agree with what Curi has said; why wasn't Dst's incident made as public? To be entirely honest, I actually have no clue as to what "crime" Dst has committed nor what punishment she got? Was this the cyber-sex incident or am I on the wrong page entirely? I don't blame Grido, the Council, Mur or even anyone but just why wasn't it public? It's just seeming more and more like everything was swept under the ru
  9. I'd like to apply as a law adviser for No Man's (as I will and always remain loyal to... no-one), I'm pretty familiar with the rules and I've generally given advice (to the newer players) as to what is acceptable and what is not, personally I feel that I'm up for it. Like Chewett, I've always given this advice for free and whether or not I am chosen will not matter as I will still be giving it. I have kind of built my own role over helping and advising new players so I think I might be suitable (even if I'm not personally a LHO or anyone special) .
  10. I've just done a little research myself and it seems that monster is completely new. (Meaning it only came out with that iteration of the game) Grassans were out since... the beginning of MD (If I recall correctly) so I'm guessing Grassan II wins?
  11. [quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1316403313' post='92257'] Why not make *spoiler creature* lesson Skill damage.. they steal some skilldamage from fights.. it should also weaken the effect. [/quote] Remember the Archer changes? Remember how that turned out? Well not exactly terrible but the stronger players ended up with about a million Cyclinity whereas the weaker ones got below nine-thousand... Back to the main topic: The idea of stat gaining idling would be terrible, my MP3 would be a monster and February would be unstoppable. Eon of course like many others have said, rightfully e
  12. Offtopic-ally: MY GOD, METALBUNNY HAS MADE A RETURN! [quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1317572842' post='93123'] honestly at this point this post in my eyes has become: I don't like Grido's actions. So I am going to make a topic about what a bad job he is doing. I won't state what bad things, nor will i state how I see to correct them, only that he should [b]know[/b] what to do. In my opinion, your trying to say in this post that your opinion matters SOOOO much that this post was needed. As far as I have seen it Grido has openly tried to connect on whatever base of disillusion you h
  13. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1317371087' post='92924'] Otherwise, John 8:7. (To our friends who aren't christians: That's a reference to the new testament) [/quote] Since we're making references to the bible let us also throw in: "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also." - Matthew 5:38-42 Now what does that mean? A demotion of all LHOs! On a more serious note however, I'm inclined to give a null vote, as summarised by Grido: [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1317371087' post='92924'] ... has dealt with hundreds of issues in that time. Out of those hund
  14. My vote is to Clocky! How can you NOT hug him now? XD
  15. Alas I am blind! Even the snowman one was posted! R.I.P Frosty Thanks for the heads up Hedge Munos!
  16. Due to the radical changes with gameplay i nominate: [quote] [color="#cccccc"]Ann. 1765 - [2011-03-25 00:21:59 - Stage 10][/color] [b]No more Experience, but HEAT - Concept change[/b] I am glad to announce one of the most important concept changes in the past years in MD. There is no more "Experience", its now the same with HEAT. Functionality at this point remains the same but things will change over time according to this concept. Heat is finally what it was supposed to be from the start and "Experience" as a concept is gone. XP was never too much "MD Style" anyway. Player XP, Creature
  17. As much as I like of the idea, I'm going to have to disapprove it, there's just too many problems and downsides. The first would have to be rigging. Take for example the bet for above, if the bet is made between two people other than Chewett, Chewett could essentially not log in if he desires one of the parties to win. The second is the time limit placed on it, just on the same example, although it is stated that is 6 months, would this be anytime within the 6 months or only at the end? (This is probably a petty issue but I guess this one isn't too much of one since it would most likely be
  18. Other than a name change, oddly enough this has little effect for MP3 players (Since they cannot access the Erolin device) but I like the new changes! I have yet to discover what is meant by dynamic-ness...
  19. [quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1298946978' post='79752'] I have a slightly growing concern about the new coming MP3. For the past few weeks, I have been sitting in the park and I have watched MP3-- Nearly all of them-- request to use non damage rit. No one has really objected to Mp3 using non damage. I had no care about it until it was mistaken that Non Damage was part of the rules for the park. I don't know where you guys stand, but, looking at it, I kind of dislike it because it's like making a new precedent for the "February" case. I don't care if MP5 do it, because they know t
  20. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1300257719' post='80728'] I would recommend coming to mp5 to see the variaty of rituals. Because Mp6 is not a pernament stage, there is no no real point to stopping crits working that need mp6 to upgrade. What you effectively do is say that you can only use these best crits for a small period of time, then you have to freeze them and let someone else use them. No one has effectively been mp6 for a great period of time. Fighting in mp5 is very intresting, you have so many choices with combo rits, TS and UP now to really rock thigns up. And that you can fig
  21. [quote name='Firsanthalas' timestamp='1299681425' post='80440'] Exactly, its a learning stage. You are not meant to be able to do and experience everything. You are supposed to learn the basics first. As it stands, some rits have no benefit at MP3 and are not supposed to. In fact, some are detrimental. That's why you have these 'gods' of MP3/MP4 (who, incidentally are often the people that I am referring to when I say numpties). They are at a level they shouldn't be at. They are far and away too advanced to be at those MP levels. Think of it this way. In most countries you start off learning
  22. [quote name='Firsanthalas' timestamp='1299583185' post='80351'] Perhaps. But it also means that if stat farmers want to use fully upgraded creatures, then they need to move on to the next MP level. There are people that been hanging on at MP3 and Mp4 way longer than they should. As Mur already posted and many seem to have missed; MP3 is a LEARNING stage and MP4 and Intermediate stage. You ARE NOT supposed to be walking around with maxed out creatures (especially Angiens). What should happen is that you should be learning how to fight and oops, you hit your xp cap one day and then progress.
  23. [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1299453552' post='80296'] The new xp-dynamic changes are just going to make stat grinding easier, if the system for stat gain doesn't change. And mp4s will still be able to get ridiculous amounts of stats... Even more so because they will be able to drop more experience by saccing... and even more because they will have the possibility to get crits with exp and sacc them. The stat gain will be a bit smaller because of the level the creature is sacrificed on, but it's not drastic. Anyway, we should wait for the xp system change and then see... But I thin
  24. As an permanent MP3 player, with most recent change I'm essentially 99.99% useless since fighting is completely essential to my role. And with certain creatures being either completely unattainable OR unraisable; no longer can I compete with people who have an overwhelming stat advantage over me as I am just UNABLE to use certain rituals. Does this affect the already gods of the MP3 level? No, it makes then even more powerful as most people are now completely unable to counter their measly Aramor who are able to strike all of your creatures one turn at a time. I don't know but this in my o
  25. [quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1286567836' post='69936'] This has happened before because of abuse the links used to give a lot more back then too I fully understand the reasion behind this and why it needs to be done. For one it has a few memebers comming forth complaining but this also shows how little support the MD comunity give in regards to voting. It only takes 5 to 10 min to do the votes can people give so little of their time to support MD in thoes links? I will admit i didnt do them every day. I more forgot to or it was because my day was really busy but when i did reme
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