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  1. [quote] [b]The Council Speaks:[/b] Mp2 stage is allowed inside GG. If the player is found outside GG we will be banning the account as we have. We spoke with Mur on this matter and he advised us that if MP2 accounts are found outside GG they should be permantly locked. Any MP2's found outside GG will have this done to them. Your "Friends" MP2 will not be allowed to continue as it has been caught outside GG too many times. As for you posting on the topic that no one informed you, We pmed you saying you should not be outside GG. We banned you so that you might have a chance of being unbann
  2. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1324993958' post='98773'] There are a lot of rules that never apply to anybody, yet exist. What's the point of cluttering the rules page with even more special rules, like MP2 rules, when it's impossible to become an MP2? For the few cases of MP2 appearing again, people do what they were told, and sometimes talk about different approaches and see if something should be done in a different way in the future. [/quote] The point of filling up the page with even special rules is to prevent innocent victims and honest mistakes. You admit yourself there are a lot o
  3. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1324984623' post='98749'] MP2's arent allowed, MP2 status wont be given back to the account, if you are lucky and want it Mur might move the account to MP3. What do you want? I had thought these points were clear, and the "mistake" is no such one, because it was meant to happen. I still dont see what you exactly want, and the above post doesnt "clear" anything up, if not makes it makes it much less clearer. [/quote] I apologise, by Atrumist's end comments I thought he asked for the motive of our post rather than the outcome. We have messaged the council to
  4. I would like to personally thank BFH for his entertaining Christmas events, some were unusual, most were unfair but all were fun. Thank you again BFH for giving us a Christmas to remember. I would also like to extend my gratitude to the MD community itself. Christmas is a time to be shared and enjoyed and without the community, there would have been nobody to cherish this special day with. Thank you everyone.
  5. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1324951424' post='98725']If LHOs were not responding to enquiries, did neither you or the MP2 think to contact the person in charge of the LHOs? i.e. me? I do not recall mp2's being mentioned to me for a long long time.[/quote] Indeed Grido, she tells me that her first encounter with LHOs must have been at least a year or two ago, her next being much more recent; probably within in the last four or five months. Indeed we did not think of contacting you due to the nature the events. After each short period of silence, she was returned back outside GG which led u
  6. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1324925994' post='98688'] Ok...I don't understand a thing: you say she was told that mp2s are not allowed ouside GG. Then you say that no PMs were received. Then you say her PMs to LHOs remained without answer. How was then she told that she's breaking the rules? [/quote] [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1324895112' post='98634'] I myself have contacted your friend on more than one occasion, saying she is not allowed to be outside, yet numerous times i have seen her roaming around MB. Each time PM's i have sent have been completely ignored, read but not answe
  7. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1324914416' post='98661'] You said yourself she used the forum, yet has no forum account? This is rather magical, How did she do so? As for the LHO's, any lho worth his salt should have known this. If she had used the forum, i would have posted telling her exactly, and since i have not EVER seen a mp2 post on the forum regarding what MP2 players are allowed to do, i can only work out you have remembered wrong. [/quote] Rather magical? She has never posted on the forum herself? She generally used mine to scavenge information after you yourself pruned her
  8. [quote name='Atrumist' timestamp='1324911524' post='98652'] Why don't you end this drama, give that account mp3 status and unban her? So will see if there is an alt abuse after. [/quote] I've mentioned this before but she enjoyed playing with illusions? She does have an MP3 alt herself but she treasures this character much more. Alt abuse has nothing to with this issue. There is no drama behind this but rather; as we see it, a mistake resulting in an innocent honest player banned. [quote name='BFH' timestamp='1324911695' post='98653'] As I see things. She did not needed any connection
  9. I have been told that there never were any PMs, the only message in her message box was by Kyphis and the reason for this was because she had befriended him while borrowing my account for a few days. Are you sure that this is the same MP2 Chewett? The messages were never received. Other than that, she has no power to enter back to GG once exiled. She lacks the connections for other people to send her back, she does not have enough AP to venture through MDA and she has no access to the main gates as she cannot walk down from the GoE. Adding up with this, the only few times that she was sent b
  10. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1324826617' post='98549'] Am I the only one to know that mp2s are NOT allowed to main lands? Now, let's take them one by one: Yes, there is a rule. Mur forbid all mp2s to exit GG because of the way they were abused. And it's not jail time but direct ban. She was warned that mp2s are NOT allowed leave GG, If she cared so much for her own safety, she would have said something (I am sure there are ways she can express herself). The LHOs who said they have no idea about such rule should be decapitated (Greedo you should lose an ear too for not teaching those
  11. dst, now that I've read the my post back, I suppose that it can be considered that I might have been shifting the blame to you, I apologise but I mentioned your name in particular because I was sure that you would have access to the teleportation spell logs. I am not blaming you nor anyone else, what I am noting is two things: First, there are NO RULES AVAILABLE based on why MP2s should not be allowed to roam freely, if there are no rules surrounding this then why on earth should my friend be punished? Second: The teleportations were done by an ANONYMOUS PERSON, neither my friend nor anyone
  12. Funny how "randomly appearing at GoE" is actually the honest truth, my friend had to deal with waking up being teleported everywhere but it did happen. (Unfortunately it is unknown who did it, perhaps dst may have more of a clue?) We shall ask advice from the council first and if that fails, inquire Mur himself. I don't believe she has done anything wrong by just "existing" and nor do I think she should be banned or punished by the actions of another.
  13. I'm not sure if that was the issue but she did not want to move to MP3 rather she much enjoyed playing with illusions. The reason for her ban seems questionable based on the events she endured in my opinion. (That is if there even is such a rule that MP2s are unable to roam around the realm by which I have found none so far.)
  14. BFH, Grido, ShadowSeeker, Chewy and Fyrd, although this event may have been unfair (or at least through our perspective), this can honestly wait, due to a public portal from yesterday to the GoE, she is currently out of Jail and enjoying Christmas with everyone. EDIT: And she is now banned. Due the community's feedback I shall edit my first post leaving details. Thanks everyone. Also: I'd like to give a clap and a hug to those who made Christmas events this year! Thank you guys, you did great.
  15. Hello there everyone! Unfortunately, an issue has arose between someone with Jail powers and one of my friends, they do not access the forum so hence I will speak on behalf of them. However, following a topic started by pathos a while back, most of the community decided to hold off any problems and negativity until after the new year so I would like to ask the community whether they would like to preferably know about the issue now or perhaps save it till the new year? Thanks everyone. Also in conjunction: Merry Christmas to all! EDIT TO INCLUDE DETAILS: I'll leave this in dot points
  16. Firs, you were possibly the only King I truly showed respect for (Unless you include Jester or Lifeline), although I may not have been your subject, I will miss your Kingship. It was truly an honour to have you as the King of Loreroot, for the short time that you were...
  17. [quote name='Grido' timestamp='1320074272' post='95023'] Are people ignoring the second sentence? That they're so friendly they won't even fight? lol - why're you trying to give ability suggestions? [/quote] Perhaps it should be like an egg? You cannot place them in a ritual because they'll refuse to fight! (Or they may weaken creatures through their friendliness, make them lose their guard)
  18. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1320072501' post='95020'] When you say, refused to restrict, Did he even comment on it? As i remembered i thought that there was some small amount of proof, and people guessing they were alts, with no altchecks done or Mur looking into the matter. Which is VERY different from someone using alts that are known and have been confirmed to be the same player. Assumptions dont get you anywhere, proof is always needed with such accusations. [/quote] Actually we directly asked him! Vasil, Quas and Kindred were in that bracket and we demanded a check. I didn't p
  19. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1319972256' post='94892'] So i can use my 50+ alts to attack you repeatedly to break you and make you lose stats? [/quote] In essence, yes. Considering how Mur refused to restrict alts in the last head contest for MP3s (as shown by PANDAY and his alt; Legend Knight), I honestly don't see why not. (I'm not encouraging using alts in this fashion but it would nonetheless be entertaining) I'd love to join but unfortunately I don't meet the criteria... And maybe try fighting against Eon with a purpose... (I've yet to see that mentioned! I mean it was implem
  20. [img]http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/7553/sicklearm.png[/img] [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3359"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=3359[/url] [i]"You know how my arm ended up as a shield? Let me show you with my Sickle... and with your FACE"[/i]
  21. Quoting from the restrictions page... [quote='Restrictions Page'] Repeated harrassment without reason of other players will not be tolerated. If you have a reason for that, that reason should be discussed with a moderator and if that moderator is unable to solve the issue then put up for voting on the forum. By harrasment we understand constant verbal abuse and moking. Repeated attacks or other ways are not considered punishable harrasment but can be brought up for judging if you think they should. [/quote] [quote name='Firsanthalas' timestamp='1319802620' post='94756'] ... Would it mak
  22. Considering how this thread is derailing into an anti-Eon/Wishpoint spell problem thread lets go back on topic shall we? I like the idea but it might take away some privileges by older players or those with special roles, my suggestion would be to perhaps have two different types of teleport spells? One (which is more public) which can be declined (at a cost - and with a time limit before they are either taken to that location?) and one (for those with more administrative roles) which forces a player into a location regardless. Unfortunately, I'm unconvinced that it should be used to telep
  23. 1.337 mil of profile EXP at MP3 [img]http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/7760/mde.png[/img]
  24. As agreed with almost everyone above; for the important events (such as awarding medals and such) perhaps a date should be specified (Maybe not a reoccuring date or anything but at least a few weeks of notice), otherwise (such as the bulk item giveaways that occurred way way waaay back) I'm happy for them to be unannounced. With that being said; I think Firs argument is coincidental to everyone in this realm.
  25. Understood Yrth, as you may have read from my topic I would like to use your tools as part of a service that I will be conducting. I ask for your approval in respect to the rules you have outlined above.
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