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  1. STILL love you.

  2. I think I get it Z! Is it because of her big, dark, beautiful eyes!?!


  3. Gauge


    Love the thread! So nice when MD is down for a bit and great threads like this get started. My name is pretty old for me, although I guess it's kinda common. First time I used it was on a game called "Dragon Warrior" for nintendo. I wanted a cool name and just got my first shot gun, a 20-Gauge and just took the name from there. Other games I've used it in is Counter-Strike (Old school CS, MB, I used to B-Hop all over too ), Ultima Online, ShadowBane, and a few others MMO's here and there. - Gauge
  4. Hello Gg. We haven't really talked before so here's my invitation to chat sometime. BTW, like the new pic! ^_^

  5. Say something nice or nothing at all... scratch that, say what ya want. I dont care.

  6. Welcome and nice to see ya! - Gauge
  7. Well, I noticed that a few people have posted their backstory here on the forums and thought I'd do the same, just in this topic instead of creating another. So anyways here it is and hope you enjoy. Washed ashore on the sandy beaches overlooked by the Ivory Lighthouse, I had no memory of who I once was nor how I came to be here. I began to explore this new land that had been thrust upon me. I didn't run away, nor cower in fear, instead choosing to stand courageous and embrace this new place and the mysteries that lay to rest here. After wandering for many weeks, exploring and struggling
  8. *looks at the muffin left by Firs and becomes tempted, but thinks better of it* Just wanted to say hello ^_^ I better go.. that muffin is looking good!

  9. Alright Grido, if thats the case, then what happens if you try to buy an item (ie claw1) that is already on all your creatures? Will you in essence lose that token, or will it just not let you use it? And if it just doesn't let you use it, then will it only activate once you "draw" a claw 2 token?
  10. Yea of course you would. I think the punishment was just. It took some ingenuity to think of and that has to count for something. Sorry you are mad that you didnt think of it Fenrir.
  11. Hey guys, just wanted to stop in and informally introduce myself. Been playing Md for around 18 days now and I must say it's a very fun game. Good community here too. Plan on making my stay a long and enjoyable one. See ya'll 'round. - Gauge
  12. 20 is such a weird age. Can still do everything you did at 18, but still have to wait a year to buy alcohol and go to casino's. May it pass fast for ya Burns. happy bday again.
  13. Happy Birthday!!!

  14. "Following players lost 3 of their oldest creatures and are posted here for public SHAME, for stealing creatures from the DEMO ACCOUNT. All stolen creatures were sent back to the Demo Account regardless of their current owner. The Demo Acc. does "public service" for all of us helping the community get more players, you dont steal from such an account. "dst, Sir Blut, Tidust, Warg za itu, felinemaster, DyabloXVIII"." Ouch. Judge , Jury, and Executioner.
  15. And Hello to you! ^_^

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