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  1. But, doesnt chaos itself have order to it?
  2. STILL love you.

  3. My best wishes go to you both, happy brithday.
  4. [quote name='Pipstickz' date='02 July 2009 - 07:05 PM' timestamp='1246579533' post='36018'] Well I think it's quite rude to kiss someone without asking or anything...but you can't blame him, really...who wouldn't want to kiss all of you? [/quote] That goes both ways though. And considering the mistress of the sisterhood smooches people without asking it was just a matter of time before someone started smooching back!
  5. Me and my blind cousin at the pool. (Most recent). Well as soon as I can get it attached... can someone pm me and let me know how?
  6. [quote name='Death Bell' post='34989' date='Jun 26 2009, 10:46 AM']shadow seeker.. just to make sure you didnt miss it.. read page 4 one before the last post.. thanks... ITS IMPORTANT.. i know you are busy.. but plz read it @guy: yes it has started.. u should have read the topic more often and ss did spam the chat ingame.. i think he gave 1 day notice.. if u want to join now u have to pay him some siver coins i think.[/quote] Actually I think Guy signed up in time, he may havent of messaged SS though and "marked it as unread". If you guys/gals don't do that first then the quest will neve
  7. [quote name='dst' post='34796' date='Jun 25 2009, 09:28 AM']But how does God feel when he is referred as Mur? O_O[/quote] Pissed? *blinks several times slowly* - Gauge
  8. I think I get it Z! Is it because of her big, dark, beautiful eyes!?!


  9. To each his/her own. - Gauge
  10. Gauge


    Love the thread! So nice when MD is down for a bit and great threads like this get started. My name is pretty old for me, although I guess it's kinda common. First time I used it was on a game called "Dragon Warrior" for nintendo. I wanted a cool name and just got my first shot gun, a 20-Gauge and just took the name from there. Other games I've used it in is Counter-Strike (Old school CS, MB, I used to B-Hop all over too ), Ultima Online, ShadowBane, and a few others MMO's here and there. - Gauge
  11. Hello Gg. We haven't really talked before so here's my invitation to chat sometime. BTW, like the new pic! ^_^

  12. Say something nice or nothing at all... scratch that, say what ya want. I dont care.

  13. Thanks for taking the time to actually explain all the inactivity. I know it's not something you had to do, but I think it will definitely make things easier for you (the programmer) and us (the gamers) if we are kept in the loop atleast a bit. Go have your fun on your cheesy strategy game if you must =D, as long as you give me some fun afterwards . - Gauge
  14. Gauge

    Happy B-Day!

    Congrats on making it another year - Gauge
  15. Welcome and nice to see ya! - Gauge
  16. Well, I noticed that a few people have posted their backstory here on the forums and thought I'd do the same, just in this topic instead of creating another. So anyways here it is and hope you enjoy. Washed ashore on the sandy beaches overlooked by the Ivory Lighthouse, I had no memory of who I once was nor how I came to be here. I began to explore this new land that had been thrust upon me. I didn't run away, nor cower in fear, instead choosing to stand courageous and embrace this new place and the mysteries that lay to rest here. After wandering for many weeks, exploring and struggling
  17. Hopefully this matter can rest now.
  18. *looks at the muffin left by Firs and becomes tempted, but thinks better of it* Just wanted to say hello ^_^ I better go.. that muffin is looking good!

  19. Lol, didnt mean to give you guys a scare :-p.
  20. Right now I'm waiting on George R. R. Martin's next book to come out in the series "A Song of Ice and Fire" I must say they are really great reads. Another great fantasy series that I've read would probably be Sword of Truth Series and Wheel of Time series. - Gauge
  21. well, today in the states (not sure about elsewhere) it's Mother's Day. So just wanted to say Happy Mother's day to all the mothers (in game or out of game) on MD! - Gauge
  22. I 8th it. Would be a great idea and kudos to whoever writes it. - Gauge
  23. [quote name='Kragel' post='30387' date='May 5 2009, 07:06 PM']you post a loaded question for your poll especially when no one wants to agree on how much a silver is worth some say 50 cents some say a buck during the auction i treated the silver as if it was worth 2 bucks or credits so honestly everyone or almost everyone will vote yes for this and you knew they would when you posted it ... so lets see where this goes and sage thing about is this way you can get what 40+ silvers per reset and only 5 golds and most wont get them often because most don't do resets much honestly with si
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