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  1. STILL love you.

  2. Get out of my head!!!

  3. I think I get it Z! Is it because of her big, dark, beautiful eyes!?!


  4. You saw how hard is to have a decent chat when you know exactly who you would like to chat with?

  5. Hello Gg. We haven't really talked before so here's my invitation to chat sometime. BTW, like the new pic! ^_^

  6. Say something nice or nothing at all... scratch that, say what ya want. I dont care.

  7. *looks at the muffin left by Firs and becomes tempted, but thinks better of it* Just wanted to say hello ^_^ I better go.. that muffin is looking good!

  8. *waves* So that is what you look like. I had this image of you skinny as a rail and long hair. X D

  9. Happy Birthday!!!

  10. And Hello to you! ^_^

  11. *smiles and waves* Hello!

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