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  1. hey buddy...how goes MD?

  2. i miss md and eveyone..hope im not missing out on any pary :( *throws a gigantic booulder at him* see how much i miss you and everyone ^^

  3. i miss md and eveyone..hope im not missing out on any pary :( *pokes king before he went to popz*

  4. *pokes neno* so is the drach ready for me? hehe..blasted work..i have no more time for MD :(

  5. no poking!!!!! lol *throw a huge boulder at neno* catch XD

  6. yay!!! good to have you back old friend!!!! XD *pokes king before leaving*

  7. hey there..happy birthday!!!! :)

  8. didn't quite get it..sorry for being dense, Tom, but care to explain? edit: ahahaha...ang dating daan..classic!!!!!! lol well i did say evagelic, didn't I? lol what better place to spam?, this is the offtopic section after all..lol XD
  9. I very much agree. We, all of us, should do our part in spreading the "good news" (sounds a bit evangelic to me lol). So in line with this, I would like to ask those who care enough to visit this link and write a review: http://www.gameogre.com/reviewdirectory/reviews/MagicDuel.php It may not be much but I think it's a small step in attracting more people and making MD known in the gaming community. (that site has awfully large audience, imo) Now, I know we all love MD so when you do write a review try really hard to be objective Also, should you have ideas on how to bring new and more people to MD you may want to post 'em here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4838-bringing-and-keeping-new-players/ Regards, BS/SR
  10. Ox, why would I add you if we havent met ingame yet? lol you've never met Brightshield indeed but I believe you and SoulRider are friends, right?! ^^ oh yeah Happy Birthday man!!!!!! enjoy :)

  11. getting married? Congrats man!!!!! :) great profile and really cool pics you there!!

  12. Thank you for the kind compliment ^^

  13. real friend and I agree with popz and king..coolest and most relaxed player of MD ^^

  14. yay! finally!! nice *grins* not a shadow any longer, eh? ^^

  15. yo! just dropping by to say hi and welcome to MD!!!!! :)

  16. just dropping by to say hi :)

  17. *checks his inbox and is confuse* what pm?

  18. *pokes shadow and patiently waits for his uploaded pic*

  19. just dropping by to say hi and congrats about GOTR!

  20. *patiently waits for Fawe to upload his pic*

  21. Im quite hessitant to post because first Im not old enough in MD (only 100 some days) and secondly I still have not figure out a lot of things so I'm no expert..but I'd like to share my thoughts on the matter, anyway because I think this is an important issue that needs to be addressed. I understand what you are saying, I think, because I have felt the same way back when I was starting out (and there are days still that i get those feelings) but I think MD would be less enjoyable for me it it wasnt so complicated and difficult. It's the complexity and my desire to understand things that drives me to continually log in and try to find answers. In a way MD is, yes, exclusive, for only people who passed through the "filters" get to stay and reach mp5. I think MD was not meant to be easy. It was not meant to be played alone like other games. This game requires you to not only use your intellectual prowess but your social skills as well. Personally, I believe that Md is not so difficult as it seems because it has a very good support system..a very good community (there are just so many people willing to help). Friends can help you get through a lot of things, be in in RL or online. As Awiiya said "If you want or need MD to ever be friendlier, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do." BrightShield
  22. Happy Birthday!!!! enjoy!!!!! :)

  23. yo kyp!!!! happy birthday!!!!! cheers :)

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