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  1. Pm me for my offer on your rustgold drach Or 50 credits Thank you
  2. Playing with MD's favorite puppy beagle! He acts the exact same way as Adio and his name is Nicholas xD
  3. I thought it would be nice if there was an Adept-Mentor chat. So i could chat with my adepts and leave messages for them there regularly instead of having to pm each and every one of them. And we could all talk at the same time if we wanted to. Not sure where this chat would go. But an extra button wouldn't hurt would it? x) Yes? No? Give me your opinions It would be easier to answer questions. Since my adepts have soo many questions (which i love). They take up a lot of my pm message sends. =.= And i only have 10 active right now XD with just 3 asking the questions XD And
  4. Same thing happened to me. I applied 100% of my ve in the fight and won but i still lost all of it The fight was against 3 regen trees and 1 pope. [log='Battle log'] Loading adiomino creatures Loading apophys creatures COMBO: Adding 3363 combo vitality bonus for this ritual Applying 100% of adiomino's energetic influence Applying 0% of apophys's energetic influence Influences for adiomino ###### Majestic Winderwild: poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze Majestic Winderwild: poweraura, regenaura, attackbonus, freeze Angien Sentinel II: creatureboost Angien Sentinel II: crea
  5. Hellooooooo. This is a great game I'll be sure to meet your character soon.
  6. Bumpp. I really would like some credits offered on my sharptears. I'll add gold coins and a few other creatures if someoen can offer me 45+credits. Also i will buy a GG for my rustgold drach, 2 sharptears, and 2 gold coins.
  7. What use is a WP to a person that just logs in to gain active days anyways? (now if that "person" is an alt that is a different story..) but a WP to active days just seems like a nice idea. not much thinking has to been done about it besides how often the WP would be given out-if at all :PP. sorry if my opinion is too lax about it.
  8. got a pretty good offer bumpity bump. i sure hope the trade goes through..
  9. bump. still selling. Also selling two imps. Just offer anything on that. I don't really care. But i still really really want to buy a rusty!
  10. rust gold drachorn for 2 sharptears and 2 gold coins >Update> I'll throw in 3 trees age 98 if you accept my offer or 2 imps age 100+ or all of the above :PP xD
  11. so... i'm confused. i also keep getting the same cards ehh oh! nevermind
  12. Title says it all! 1-Marksmen 2-Marksmen Place bids on pm or the topic. I'd like at least 3 gold coins on each of them. But just place your bids if it isn't that. I will pay up to 2 gold coins for a rusty if one is offered on both of those marksmen. I will also 2 gold coins and 2 marksmen for 55 credits
  13. sorry the bp was already sold. But i'd gladly sell the pimpy and the joker for 5 credits
  14. I'm innocent! O_o <(O_O<) (>O_O)>
  15. Hm... Bidding for the bloodpact archer will end soon. And all the deals are still err yeauh. 5 credits!! for the pimpy or the bp. i'll throw in an imp or joker. Or both if you want. >Sold for 1 gold coin<
  16. topic updated. bumpity bump 5 credits for any of the creatures is an automatic yes if 5 credits is offered on the pimpy or the blood pact archer i can offer one of the other creatures available. example would be an extra imperial or another joker. (not the pimpy and the bp though)
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