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  1. I did this because i thought of how there were two parts to the symbol The circle is one part that symbolizes something and the two lines jutting from the circle symbolize something completely different. So I simply cancelled out the two parts of the symbol with horizontal lines to cancel out the entire thing. I hope that my logic makes sense. But the image should clear anything up.
  2. I really like this idea I hate pointing out problems and stuff... but many players really just use fake emails to create and confirm accounts in games. Hm.. so i suppose an option to change the email you want things to be sent to would be nice (if this isn't possible already.. idk)
  3. This is a little Off topic but i'd just like to point out that you can indeed gain loyalty in mp6 (if you are in an alliance that is ) edit: >>@ Curi<< It isn't so hard.. depends on the player i suppose. You'd probably be shocked to hear of how much honor some of the alliance members in my alliance gain after so much fighting xD
  4. Every time you decide to move up a level EX: from mp3 to mp4 or from mp4 to mp5 you are most likely a little guy compared to some of the players with more experience than you that are also in the same mind power level. It is normal to not be on the same level as people with more experience than you. Strive to obtain a variety of creatures and learn to take a few more losses than usual. If you keep training then perhaps.. you will be on the top of your mind power level as far as strength goes. And then.. you get to move to mp5 yay
  5. The waves were crashing, pounding against the cliffs-- angry as if demanding the walls to fall into its body, hungry and consuming. Above, staring at those waves, was a figure peering superiorly down upon those waves, perhaps thinking to itself the future and what her future would look like and if she should.. even have a future. Time seemed to slow down for her as she was deep in thought. The sound of waves crashing upon the banks of the cliff drowned out all the noise to be heard, other than the wind rustling the leaves of trees behind her. It was an overwhelming sound,
  6. Feel better Magnus.. Take all the time you need to feel better and when/if you decide to return you'll be welcomed with warm hearts and open arms.
  7. [quote name='Rex' timestamp='1290103482' post='72464'] I still hold most heat given to protector! i think it was close to 300k :L [/quote] In one day or what..? xD Shem has given me about 900k so far.
  8. [b]1~ To take an an apple core and plant its seeds so it can become a tree. [/b] Why not~ Because.. My parents would be angry and i'd have to take it down. (It'd be planted in their backyard.. xD) And why would i likely not ever achieve this? Well.. when i get my own place.. unsure! I think my future wife wouldn't want me to ruin our backyard with a big ole apple tree in the middle.. Why yes~ I could easily just eat an apple and plant the seeds somewhere.. Why~ Well.. I think growing trees sounds fun for some reason. (No wonder I joined the GOTR alliance) [b]2~Empty out an
  9. Adventuring Award (quester) -Kamisha Best Back Story / Paragon Papers (back story and quality of papers) -Magnus Vox (easy to read but very entertaining and... simple. i like his story a lot) Fossil of the year (On vet list, Chewett can't nominated, as he won last year) -Crazymike Most Addicted -Chewett Most Influential -Grido Rookie of the year (20 - 365 AD) -Yala Sviseusen
  10. Which spell? Oh and since this is offtopic is just feel like saying 71 of those casts were mine :DD XD
  11. Selling these creatures below. Offer silver (preferred) or anything else you could possibly think of. Pimped grasan age 3 Imperial aramor age 211 Imperial aramor age 10 Unholy priests age 25 Tormented soul age 22 Ages are of day 323
  12. adiomino

    New Ggg?

    A bunch of people with a common goal in mind (train their creatures for a little while) gathering together to achieve that goal faster is not a problem. New GGG? No it is not.. The reason GGG was banned was because there were grinders at mp3/4 levels and it taught nothing to them about the battle system. Well they are using GGG style rits of course but that just makes things easier for them. I don't see why they can't train together without being harassed.
  13. That was an interesting fact Makes me want some of those nightshade berries now
  14. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1288550849' post='71216'] And what does that pic have to do with autumn? [/quote] I see blood red wine
  15. Oh that is beautiful simple too I'm working on a drawing as well. I'm not much of an artist but i'm trying xD YES! i got my scanner working ;D The second drawing is the one i am submitting of course. the first is just something i felt like adding Spirit of autumn looking after a forest elf paying his respects to the forest in a sunset. I'll nickname him shem
  16. Eh.. i agree with both chewett and pipstickz. I think it would just be a nice little thing to be able to see all the available protectors. Without all the extra information on them.
  17. I set up a ritual with 2 rustgolds 1 max ele and 3 angiens and gave the spell to dormouse (to attack someone that was bullying her) and instead 2 trees 2 birds 1 rusty and 1 lifestealercame up.. I did set the ritual i wanted to use on defense. I'm not entirely sure if a topic like this has already been posted. ehh...
  18. : Pipstickz uses his magical shiny long rod to turn adio into a real boy! Well a minor role change for adio. He's a boy now. err xD with a shiny new golden avatar! (the puppy on the forums is going to stay though )
  19. Yar... i've gotten my second rustgold drach ;)

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