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  1. So this time i plan to clear out my creature inventory (not completely of course because these aren't all my creatures). Why? Well.. i'm not sure why. Bidding time will only be a few days on each creature. After the first bid the time starts. I want to sell these creatures as fast as possible. To be clear last time i simply wanted to sell creatures and profit so i could buy credits. [s]Bloodpact archer age 17[/s] [s]Winderwild age 482 (ID 268767)[/s] [s]Imperial aramor age 264[/s] [s]Imperial aramor age 62[/s] [s]Pimped grasan age 11[/s] [s]Pimped grasan age 11[/s] [s][u]Unho
  2. [b]Offering: 2 reindrachs[/b] Please pm me to strike a deal.
  3. Still looking for offers that interest me.
  4. Thank you everyone for the happy birthdays It really does mean quite a bit to me. (I've been having fun all week. my birthweek heehee)
  5. Bump. So far I have 3 offers of shades. Still selling.
  6. Sold enough creatures to buy what I wanted for now. Please close topic
  7. I'll bid my rein and a gold coinnfor thAt soul weaver and shade and santa I'll add in a bloodpaxt archer no tokens little age as well Current offer: Reindrach Gold coin Bloodpaxt archer
  8. [quote name='Tarquinus' timestamp='1293811267' post='76525'] I offer a shade. [/quote] So far I have two offers of a single shade
  9. please note that the gold values listed below are the values that i believe each creature is worth. you may disagree but i have my own opinion. Reindrach age 0 (11- 12 gc) For: Shade (7 gc) Windy(I'll add value for one) (20 gc) (my offer for a windy is one reindrach, one rustgold, 1 gold, one bloodpact archer) Soulweaver (3 gc) Morphs( 15 gc ) I'll add things) Tokened gg (I'll add value) (12+ gc depending on the tokens) Etc (and other creatures with high value) Highest offer is a [b]shade[/b] and a [b]sharptear[/b] Offer on topic or pm (I will be keeping my rein for another f
  10. LIST OF CREATURES FOR SALE: 1 Blood pact archer age 2 2 Pimped grasan age 47 SOLD! 3 Imperial aramor age 248 4 Imperial aramor age 47 5 Santa! age 8 SOLD! 6 Tormented soul age 59 7 Unholy priest age 60 SOLD! 8 Tree age 187 9 Tree age 187 10 Tree age 187 Tokened creatures: Majestic winderwild age 396 with kelletha fire, Claw III, Gold Belt Majestic winderwild age 396 with Stardust, Blood Drop II, Blood drop I, Gold Belt Majestic winderwild age 396 with Stardust, Blood Drop II, Claw III Thats it - Don't bother offering 1 sc to any of them. And I am also buying 55 credit
  11. oooh O_O I thought it was after jan 1 >>Ohkay the curi But it hink i can make it before jan 1
  12. just a little bump. offer has been changed yet again and it is bigger
  13. I sang to a snowman on the roof because i can!!
  14. Offer GG drach 20 silver new santa creature fresh bp For A tokened GG with the following tokens: (Tokens i really want are in bold) [b]Claw II Claw III[/b] Blood drops I/II/[b]III[/b] antifreeze sunshine gold belt emeral glare [b]dark sky[/b] And other tokens. (NOTE: The GG drach doesn't have to have all the tokens listed.) If i don't find a nice offer in the next week or so then i'll just keep my untokened GG PM or post offers with the Age of drach and the tokens. Also.. I will only accept offers of other GG drachs. I really can't think of anything else i'd want for it
  15. it is it is (i traded the note for 20 silver now. offer changed)
  16. Eh.. i'll talk to firs and see if he can exchange my note for 20 real silver coins instead then.
  17. That avatar.. looks amazing xD heehee sorry for the random post but i couldn't resist
  18. [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1292463462' post='75545'] Two new avy's: [attachment=2439:LadyInBlack.png] [attachment=2440:shenko.png] [/quote] Those two are great And i really like the pirate and gravedigger avies very niice
  19. I'll offer 1 rustgold drachorn age 241 with claw I AND 20 silver coins AND a fresh bloodpact AND MAYBE a fresh santa creature
  20. sharpened the second one is the image i wish to enter. the first is just a step involved in getting there.
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