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  1. [color="#800080"][b][size="5"][font="Arial Narrow"]Shall i compare thee to a beautiful MD day? The sun beats down eternally on my skin, i feel its warmth. Oh how i wish i could have my way Come now with me, let's retire to my fiery hearth. Life has no meaning if not spent with an other. What's that look on your face? Are you nervous? Come here baby, let me rub your shoulder! With this lotion, i brought it just for this purpose. That feels wonderful doesn't it? Oh doesn't that smell divine? Oh are you thirsty now? Here drink some of this wine..[/font][/size][/b][/colo
  2. Alright. Well i'll still consider your price but it'll take me longer to decide whether or not to accept your final offer
  3. Perhaps try bumping up that offer just a tad? How about 1 gold?
  4. I know this pip. But i won't accept other creatures because i'm not interested in reselling right now. Those are the creatures I'm interested in actually keeping. But like i said.. I'm far more flexible with accepting coins.
  5. Age 0 no tokens (this is the shop lore archer) Offer in coins or creatures (i'm far more flexible with accepting coin offers rather than creatures) I will accept: a santa a nutcracker a soulweaver or 3 untokened bloodpacts 2 tokened jokers plus difference in silver/gold (if there is) Dream mutation joker (PM or post offers)
  6. [u][b](these are all in order of being drawn. slowly but surely i think i've gotten better xD)[/b][/u] look through them in order to see My personal favorites (in order going down) 1: scary faceless man 2: fairy girl 3: faceless woman standing up Quality is pretty horrible because i used my webcam (bleh) to get the pictures here. But they are not finished products yet (i think) so once i finish them I'll get to working on hooking up the scanner. Please i want some tips on how to improve these drawings overall to get them approved as avatars. (note: the harp is a drawing for my har
  7. Got one And to answer Udgard's question my offer was around 25 silver give or take a few depending on age. Please close!
  8. Ooops forgot about this topic. Please close as all creatures were sold
  9. WTB any aged LR archer. I don't care about tokens but claw I and III would be nice. I'll pay with silver
  10. Heh.. I'll do it if you begin a quest like this mike I've never understood twitter though... so i'll have to learn xD
  11. Picture added Shows another random ritual from my creature selection. Not the ritual i set on defense.
  12. What is good? Anything that makes me happy. What is your best physical attribute? I'd say my entire body.. i'm happy to be how i am. But that isn't really an attribute is it? I like my legs well because.. i can run around and do whatever i want with them. Without my legs.. What is your best non-physical attribute? My brains. Ironic that i put this because i couldn't think of anything else heh What do you value most? The connections i share with my family, friends, and other loved ones. They are strong and keep my happy What is 2 + 2? 2+2 What do you know? Only the thin
  13. Only 3 more creatures to sell! Sold my imps, pimps, and bloodpact
  14. I'll help out. Is there an age requirement?
  15. bumpity bump. Offer updated to 18 gold coins
  16. I also heard Orvid is a friend of IAB. I think it would've been more fair to ask IAB himself first. (FTR this is not me stating anything as the truth because i'm not certain) Just asked Orvid himself about it. He said he isn't. (i can hardly believe i'm even commenting on a thread about alt abuse)
  17. dark paladin i accept your offers for the two pimps and imp lets trade asap. and yes 16 sc would be the minimum for peace's bid
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