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  1. Topic title says most of it. Tokens are NOT a plus in my book unless the creatures are heavily tokened. Age is a plus. So post age and creature here or pm me with the details. Hm... what else Buying Pimps - 3 more [s]Imps - 3 more[/s] Dream Mutation - 1 more. (btw i am not going to actually trade for a dream mutation joker until i get my 3 pimps and 3 imps.)
  2. That happens to me year round.
  3. I'm sad to hear this, Sasha. Be well and stay up!
  4. Bump.. so far i only have the nutcracker and the dream mutation joker to buy
  5. [s][b]698 age 9244103 exp as of: Server time: Mar 03 03:39:55 ~ Day: 61 Year: 6 ~ with antifreeze and gold belt. [/b][/s] If i were to sell this what kind of offers would you guys give me? Oh and [b]2 untokened already MAX jokers[/b] both with around 200 age
  6. The option to nickname your creatures whenever you want after three upgrades. Only one nickname change per creature. I'd gladly pay a credit for it if it were available in the MDshop. Anything wrong with it? Is it a bad idea in general? eh..
  7. How about "cushion stats" for people in stat damage? Say you have 2000 cushion stats (from attack all the way to init or whatever) and whenever you lose while in stat damage you lose those "cushion stats" instead of your real stats. Those cushion stats don't get added to your real stats of course so the number of "cushion stats" could be relatively large. like 2000 Just thought of it
  8. Topic says it all. Post or pm me if you'd like to strike a deal. Creatures willing to buy: [s]Soulweaver[/s] Dream Mutation Joker [s]Santa[/s] Nutcracker
  9. Two new avatars added 2 new avatars added
  10. 3 more avatars added [attachment=2600:WarWary.gif] My best work so far! The only thing i wish i could've drawn better is the face Evaluate!? Critique?
  11. [log=Removal of Black Water] Grido: but the problem you have with something you don't know about, is that...you don't know what might happen if you leave the body out, either adiomino: I believe that sasha's body will remain contaminated as long as she holds memories of the black water. But removal of black water has to do with her vulnerability and the memories associated with Kiley: *looks over to Grido, then back to Blade* Is she contagious? adiomino: black water. adiomino: *he ponders and mumbles* Imagination Blade Faryn: We're not sure Kiley. Grido: Unknown, nobody around here seem
  12. Yes i just wanted to add a screenshot since chewett said a screenshot would be important if trying to fix a bug. err something like that in his pinned topic for bugs
  13. Oh my.. Has the quest been postponed or actually ended?
  14. [s]0 age and no tokens post or pm offers Highest bid is 13 sc (about to make the sale if no one steps forward to make a bid of 15 silver.)[/s]
  15. I'd like to participate Sounds fun (I'd like to point out that since I'm mp6 i can only fight other alliance members xD)
  16. Ah yay! Thank you guys. I'll definitely be using one of those then
  17. Darn.. Thanks cutler. I suppose i won't be able to turn in my avatars after all xDD
  18. My question is.. does it really take photoshop to put transparent gifs on the avatars we draw? Becauuse.. I thought i heard of other ways. Eh.. Photoshop is expensive too isn't it? meh
  19. [attachment=2610:Cloakclack.gif] [attachment=2609:Bookbook.gif] [attachment=2603:Ladyladylady.gif] [attachment=2602:Ladylady.gif] [attachment=2601:WarWary.gif] [attachment=2599:WarWar.gif] [attachment=2595:Evilevil.gif] [attachment=2590:Avatar 1.gif] [attachment=2591:WizWiz.gif] [attachment=2592:Flowflow.gif] [attachment=2593:fairfair.gif] [attachment=2589:AngelAng.gif] I'll add more later. Critiques and tips?
  20. [log=Log Box Name] : sasha lilias begins to float backwards, staring at the wall as she does : sasha lilias mouths a single word before dispersing into a small cloud of mist : sasha lilias the mist hovers above the body for a few seconds, before melting into the soft skin Cuthilion: (humm, too bad I missed that...) Tipu: spying .....muh *reports to his team leader* : adiomino yawns as he drudges to the periphery of the gazebo and sits himself down, he positions the harp in front of him : adiomino his hands reach out to play the music but he notices something odd about sasha's body, he
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