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  1. Interesting. I have noticed a small difference but not by much. Maybe it is just my imagination
  2. So what do people think of the new aura? Do you like the old aura or the new captivating aura?
  3. Lol You should lol the lols out of your lol system until the lol is gone. I think that lol lololololol is an lolololol cure for you. Maybe an lolslap will lol the lols out of you... *slaps* Look! The roflcopters are already circling your head. *Kanye west with a box of fishsticks comes in* Kanye-You loled my lolling feelings! [color="purple"]You know how to use an EDIT button, so use it! dont just make another post - Grido[/color]
  4. I love the infliction idea. Sounds pretty strong. And the pic descriptions sound awesome too. I think this creature could be passed. Maybe...
  5. I would love to help the dojo. I am around very often and I would love to help the game grow. If there are any spots available I would be more than happy to help.
  6. I suppose storm. But that is sort of why I made it a lifestealer. That helps right?
  7. I see... I'll edit it. But how should I format it? And what changes can I make?
  8. Really? Even if it takes the the friendly creature vitality too? Awww Anything I can change to make it better?
  9. I don't know. But there should definitely be a sign for all the rules there. Like... You MUST have a non-damage def rit set up You CANNOT attack with damage and stuff like that...
  10. Yeah... I'll add it... ------------------------------------------------------- Oh I'm sorry I never really got the chance to post my creature idea. I'll do that right now Twilit Egg des-This egg lets off a pinkish glow and as you hold it in your bare hands you grow tired and you notice yourself slowing down. It starts to scare you but you should keep it to wait to see what grows inside... power-1 def-1 ve-100 ability-weaken Twilit Senile des-An ugly creature like this one probably doesn't make sense coming out of an egg. It is a faerie-like creature that sports baggy a
  11. :good: I like all of them. Oh and tarquinus has lots of big words
  12. [b]I see more life than you do[/b] The path that has dust and leaves the one I see untouched by others I see less people and I see more life that is the path I take where the stars shine better at night and the sun shines through the leaves the grass is greener And the path that has cement and rocks the hard asphalt it has grown into civilization and you see less life and more people that is the path that you take where the fire replaces the stars at night the rush replaces the speed We go our separate ways and takes many days and we grow tired we will both fall o
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