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Status Updates posted by adiomino

  1. Yar... i've gotten my second rustgold drach ;)

  2. Check my topic! Selling premium creatures!

  3. Check my auction!! contains premium creatures ^_^

  4. GRR!! stupid log in captcha thingies.....

  5. WTB blood pact archers.

    1. adiomino


      Offering a single gold coin for 1. And buying 3. Age doesn't matter much and won't pay that much for extra age. See my forum topic :D

  6. WTB Bloodpact Archers. Pm me for trade :D

  7. yay! i'm not the only one experiencing loading problems

  8. Buying soulweaver still :D

  9. Haha funny :P poor aaront. And buying rustgold drach. pm to make deal

  10. Excellent :D Oh and I won't be on very much. D: Try not to miss me a whole lot. Feel free to miss me a little bit. See you guys later!

  11. I'm just kidding. I'm not that conceited :D

  12. *tilts body towards shar and stares at her*

  13. Ah alright. What would you buy me for then?

  14. Theres no way you could afford me Lol Priceless...

  15. Pample! :D :D :D *continues to read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows*

  16. A bone? Now now king daimon. Slaves *cough* I mean erm... gaurds don't throw bones to their masters. :D

  17. *sneaks up on shadow* Boo! See I'm more scary :D

  18. A good friend :D I hope to get my flower soon :D

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