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  1. As of now I will talk to approach Mya and Shemhazaj about you But please consider me as your unofficial mentor.
  2. actually i had no idea we had a mobile version at all yay
  3. it would be easier to come on i think. i alwys have my phone during downtime but im never near my computer i actually do all my work and play all my gamea on my ipad i was just thinking that if Md had a simplified mobile version it might just entice people to come on. if i ever did become active again id have to sit down on my computer for the sole purpose of MD im lazy -.- i was thinking things like just including the essentials list coming? anyways post opinions? i understand itd be quite a bit of work but eh just a little idea and hello to all my old friends and
  4. [b]ROUND ONE[/b] This was all on the spot So I decided to give away most of my prized creatures Besides my favorites.. Round one was with AmberRune, Xrieg, and Lone Wolf all RPing adiomino the puppy (who is no longer a puppy) Prizes: AmberRune (Aged Rustgold drach) Lone Wolf (Aged Soulweaver) Xrieg (sorta aged Santa) [b]ROUND TWO[/b] Three word story.. self explanatory They all made it together! Once upon a time, Zippo the amazing con artist decided to change his old shoes. So he asked the nearest girl in a pink diver's suit for a yellow sandal made of the glass bea
  5. aww man.. I was going to offer 2 reindrachs. Ah well
  6. For some reason I always choose to leave before the good stuff starts. Last time I missed christmas. But yes
  7. As some of my adepts and acquaintances have noticed > I haven't been very active lately < The reason for me not waking up in our wonderful and creative realm is that.. 1 I haven't had the time and 2 I haven't had the will I honostly just didn't want to. I'm not saying I'm not interested in MD at all anymore it's just that my interest is becoming smaller and smaller each time I come on. A similar thing happened about a year ago when I lost my interest in MD. I thought I was quitting and it turned out that I was just going on haitus for half a year. Hopefully someday I'll com
  8. I want at least 16 tokens on the drach Must have (at least 5 of the below): Dark sky Claw II Claw III Blood drop I Blood drop III Sunshine I'm offering a GG drach with dark shield and 232 age and Stored Heat 1589636 PLUS Difference in value PM or Post offers
  9. Posted description as instructed: A clay model of a dovewing with a light shining directly overhead it. The shape of the dovewing is up to you, the artist. The angle is also up to you. Thank you Blackthorn!
  10. And the prizes are listed! Contact me to get your reward! I won't be chasing anyone down..
  11. Reward List: 1 *Burns* - 1 silver coin [s]1 *Shadowseeker* - Water daimon infused with 4.2 million exp[/s] [s]2 *BFH LIGHTHING* - exp infused imp[/s] [s]3 Azull - exp infused joker[/s] [s]4 xrieg - 2 unaged pimps 5 Sunfire - 2 unaged pimps 6 lone wolf pup - unaged pimp[/s] And here is the reward list: 2x unaged pimps 2x unaged pimps 1x unaged pimp 1 aged imp infused with enough exp to max 1 aged pimp infused with enough exp to max 1 silver coin 1 water daimon with 4.2 million exp on it. 1 aged joker with 1.2 million exp on it [size="5"][u][b]Important!: Winners pick list
  12. The remaining two events are Trivia Time! and A Service by the COE! Trivia Time is 22:00:00 at the DQ INSIDE loreroot! Try to make it! The Service time will be annouced
  13. A little note.. Story time will be hosted by Sharazhad in 10 minutes! 18:50:00 server time at Maple Road!! Come to hear the stories being told and to come together as a community.
  14. Perhaps.. If it really does turn out to be a problem for participants then I will allow people to do their own little shows solo. But not yet.. I'd like to see collaboration And thank you x)
  15. *Special note: You don't have to sign up to be a part of the festival! They are not required (except for the tournament I'm assuming) Simply show up fully prepared But sign ups are nice.. so hosts have an idea of who is actually sharing what. ** All donations of short term prizes are welcome and appreciated! Pm me for info
  16. [b]DAY 78 starting at 00:00:00[/b] The GOTR and COE alliances will be hosting a spring festival! This will most likely last for at least 2 days with each event hosted by one member or a group or members from either alliance. EACH EVENT has its own individual time slot so please.. read the post below: Time slots are [b]NOT ABSOLUTE[/b] as nothing ever is.. But have your teams and works prepared! [b][u]Keep everything Spring season related! Be creative as this sort of thing is open ended! [/u][/b] [s][b][s]>Silly poetry!<[/s] Starting at 00:00:00 will be starting the festival of
  17. What Rhaegar said.. refreshes the thirst for MD Love it..
  18. adiomino

    WTB Slime

    If i remember correctly those creatures are shades. 1 shade IMHO is worth around 6-8 gold coins depending on the seller and the buyer.
  19. adiomino


    The tombola is like a regular lottery. So those who pay more (contribute more money to the game) have a higher chance of winning the tombola. I think it was meant to be this way.. is it fair that the people who pay more money to the game have a higher chance of getting rewarded for it? I think so.
  20. adiomino


    Won battles are reset upon transfer. Just saying.
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