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  1. As of now I will talk to approach Mya and Shemhazaj about you But please consider me as your unofficial mentor.
  2. actually i had no idea we had a mobile version at all yay
  3. it would be easier to come on i think. i alwys have my phone during downtime but im never near my computer i actually do all my work and play all my gamea on my ipad i was just thinking that if Md had a simplified mobile version it might just entice people to come on. if i ever did become active again id have to sit down on my computer for the sole purpose of MD im lazy -.- i was thinking things like just including the essentials list coming? anyways post opinions? i understand itd be quite a bit of work but eh just a little idea and hello to all my old friends and
  4. Yes i just wanted to add a screenshot since chewett said a screenshot would be important if trying to fix a bug. err something like that in his pinned topic for bugs
  5. Picture added Shows another random ritual from my creature selection. Not the ritual i set on defense.
  6. Puppeh!! there is a christmas card with your name on it. Please send details.....

  7. [quote name='Rex' timestamp='1290103482' post='72464'] I still hold most heat given to protector! i think it was close to 300k :L [/quote] In one day or what..? xD Shem has given me about 900k so far.
  8. That was an interesting fact Makes me want some of those nightshade berries now
  9. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1288550849' post='71216'] And what does that pic have to do with autumn? [/quote] I see blood red wine
  10. Oh that is beautiful simple too I'm working on a drawing as well. I'm not much of an artist but i'm trying xD YES! i got my scanner working ;D The second drawing is the one i am submitting of course. the first is just something i felt like adding Spirit of autumn looking after a forest elf paying his respects to the forest in a sunset. I'll nickname him shem
  11. Eh.. i agree with both chewett and pipstickz. I think it would just be a nice little thing to be able to see all the available protectors. Without all the extra information on them.
  12. I set up a ritual with 2 rustgolds 1 max ele and 3 angiens and gave the spell to dormouse (to attack someone that was bullying her) and instead 2 trees 2 birds 1 rusty and 1 lifestealercame up.. I did set the ritual i wanted to use on defense. I'm not entirely sure if a topic like this has already been posted. ehh...
  13. : Pipstickz uses his magical shiny long rod to turn adio into a real boy! Well a minor role change for adio. He's a boy now. err xD with a shiny new golden avatar! (the puppy on the forums is going to stay though )
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