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  1. Any of you have Borderlands 2 and not the vault hunter upgrade 1 on steam? Here is a code, first come first served: 4N85X-7IKH3-84DVK

  2. Thankyou Yeah, first thing I tried but no effect. It's weird, I could post in it not too long ago (about three weeks). FF has had an update since then, so it's probably just my browser being silly.
  3. Every time I click on Set your status > it loads as [object Object] instead of an interactive field. In other news, I'm a dad as of last Sunday. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (that's what I wanted to post in the mood panel)
  4. Hello People and Denizens of MagicDuel. It has been an interesting three years as one of the two leaders of the MagicDuel Archive Land. A lot had happened since 2014 within the realm, and I am glad to have been a part of it all - the expansion of existing lands and introduction of the A2050 tools, the arrival of many brand new inhabitants as well as older ones returning to build new legends, and the many, many quests and festivals that we see each year. While some periods in MagicDuel's history have been fraught with controversy, I have been happy to see the last few years lack such
  5. It's a shame to see you go, but you were a good friend and colleague while it lasted. Many blessings on where ever your journey leads you next.
  6. Results are now posted into the first post. It was a fun event, and a big thanks to the players who turned up to allow it to run, as well as Assira for posting a jumplink. Log from the event below:
  7. Due to lack of players this is now being run as classic trivia with individuals against one another.
  8. In what seems to be becoming a tradition, for the third year running we will be running a Team Trivia event. This year the event will be run slightly differently. Normally, the teams have taken turns answering questions - this year both teams will be given the same question and the first to reach the right answer will win. There will be three rounds of ten questions, which based on past experience means it will probably take an hour and a half to run. The event will be in the Index Room of Memories in the MagicDuel Archives, and will begin after 01:00ST on the 24th as soon as we have
  9. Chewbotta. A grim parody of Chewett's avatar, with various sights showing beneath the raggedly torn away clothes and rubber skin. The Chewbotta is a Morph Creature. The first form looks like an oddly posed, loose fleshed Chewett avatar. The second form has the Chewbotta gripping the face mask tightly, stretching and distorting it as it tries to rip it open. Upgrading from the second form to the third form is the morph step. There are at least XIIV versions of the final form of the Chewbotta. Sometimes, Lorerootian wood resides within. Other times Golemian mechanics. Some forms are the or
  10. I'm much more in favour of Ivorak's suggestion, but I'd like to refine it a little further... In line with A2050, which gives the playerbase more ability to alter MD's landscape and world, why not allow players with massive resources to use these for major projects?* Why not simply allow base materials to be used in some types of large projects, with a few major penalties and restrictions?: Resources can only be used in the place of processed resources of one level higher (raw in place of first level; first level instead of second level; etc) When useing resources that would nor
  11. I recall from a long time ago, when resources got introduced, there was another reason for resources not to be split... MD is less about objects and more about the concept of an object. The number of the resources you have was not seen as representative just of how many of them you had, but of your current familiarity with the object. You can't hold two ideas of what an identical object is at the same time (well, you can but that's a discussion for another time) so splitting resources would not make sense. I'd write more on this, but unfortunately I'm pretty time poor right now. I'm sure
  12. Noticed a bug on the forum when attempting to post a new reply too soon after your last response. In the text: New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait [#] seconds before submitting. The value for [#] is how long it has been since your last message, not the time remaining until you are next able to post.
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