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  1. I have been thinking of replying to this since it was posted, I am not active in game any longer due to personal reasons though I do check in from time to time and try and keep track of what is going on. My perception of what Sharpwind has said rings pretty true in my experiences playing this game. I enjoyed playing for quite some time I currently have 683 days though it is more or less around the 550 mark when I stopped trying to play the game. I have mixed feelings about my time in MD some are great some not so much. When I first started the game I didnt know alot I was finally helped and started understanding what the game was about. I had quite a few gripes with the game about the elites of which I never belonged with. I was told pretty early on that the easiest way to get "shiny" things was to make friends with certain people I personally really didnt want to do that or believe it at the time though later in experience it did feel like it was the case. Now I dont pretend I was a fantastic player role play wise but I did try. I put effort into trying to build a persona and to some extent I think it was a success, the issue I always had on that regard is that I had always thought one earned a tag with or without a description through having a well known role that was generally accepted in the wider community, I dont think I ever really obtained that level. But there are those who gained them during my time for seemingly no apparant reason, I had always thought they were supposed to be special and highly regulated but honestly some of them are just a sad joke and I always felt like a bit of a slap in the face for people who actually tried and wanted some level of validation. There is alot of rudeness in the game which is appalling sometimes. During the Necrovion, Golemus war for After all the battling the whole land weapon thing happened. Everyone in the area who tried to follow (in RP) was teleported there except for myself. Sitting there being the only one left out does seem to make you feel a bit retarted in even trying, I did go to the location later out of my own curiosity by using the jump to leader function but still it did seem a bit sad to me personally anyway its not like there where others in my boat. There is a huge sense in the game of only the established are worth taking time for, the people I knew that I tried to get into the game all left quite early on for this reason. There is an overwhelming sense of politics in the game that takes up a very large part of it, its bad to be different but different is what is asked for. I dont regret my time playing the people I met kept me going for so long I think. There are some really great people. The only reason I post this is it feels like whenever someone says something unpopular everyone is up in arms defending the status quo and from my assumption of what Sharpwind has said there are many many people who feel like this just not every one has the courage to come out and agree or state it for themselves. To Sharpwind dont let it get you down try and find your own corner of fun if you cant find something else to do MD will stay the same. To everyone else I have little doubt you will tear my post apart and try and make me look like a fool or a greedy person and I couldnt care less this is all my personal experience and opinions if you want to try take the time to twist my words then I feel sorry for you. Perhaps I will come back into the game actively one day I am not sure I cant rule it out but I do not see it happening anytime soon. And finally sorry for the long rant but well its good to air it out no =D
  2. We had a bit of mould that wouldnt go away in our bathroom once tried scrubbing it with all our cleaning products with no result then we looked up online that white vinigar works. put some in a spray bottle and it wiped off with a rag and hasnt come back not sure if you'll get the same results but its an idea.
  3. I really dont care who wins I just had a little touch to add to my nomination which was attacked to which I replied hastily adding if Grido wanted a debate to start another topic. The catagory isnt for LHO only Indyra if it were well imo that would be another kettle of fish. I never have once said that anyone does it for the things they recieve yet you keep thinking I have said that somewhere. I am not complaining about 5 credits I dont need or want credits it is the principle of it all which most seem to be having great diffuculty grasping when the concept is laid bare it baffles me. my opinion and thats all it is my opinion will not change I dont particularaly like it. There were medals given out for LHO's already I dont see why there should be another one for it. I have never disputed LHO's deserve what they have recieved I just think getting 2 awards for the same thing is just plain poor taste and being awarded for that the way it is named I dont see why doing your duty entitles you to a second helping.
  4. I am not under the impression that people do not choose to be an LHO. You apply to be an LHO you are either accepted or rejected. If you become one are you not doing so understanding that it is now your duty to provide others with help and if you are not doing so you will be removed from this position? Correct me if I am wrong. And to be honest DST it might be only $5 but thats still being given to you for your service regardless of the figure a reward is a reward regardless of how much its worth.
  5. Perhaps I spoke in haste but I see no need to apologize for it I was offended and found the comment rude. My initial comment wasnt trying to force a vote of whether or not LHO's should be elligable, I stated a personal opinion in hopes others might see it and think hmm well so and so does x, y , z I might nominate them. I never at any point said that LHO's do that job for rewards but I am sure that no one is under any illusions that they are compensated for the service they provide. - spells - credits - medal with a incredibly generous reward for some which I can only assume would happen again at some point It seems like double dipping to me if you get my meaning. They seem to be the most nominated in said section. I wished to provide thought to others who in my opinion are more deserving of said nominations due to the fact they dont help out others because it is a duty they have signed up and been accepted for. Some do it out of pure kindness and that is the sort of person I believe most deserving and the kind of person I nominated. These are all my cards layed out. You wanted a debate well this is my thoughts and reasoning. I never asked for LHO's to be inneligable if I had wanted that I would have asked for an opinion poll and wrote out all my reasoning, I stated that I personally didnt like it and that opinion wont change I did and remain of the opinion, the LHOs provide a service they are compensated for and some have been accoladed for this service and recieved generous rewards. I do not see why they should also be eligable for doing what there supposed to do ~in my opinion~.
  6. I say because as a LHO you should be helping people its something you have signed up for and it isnt as if they are without benefits for doing it and also it isnt like anyone who applies for it can or will be accepted. My point wasnt insunuating they do it for reward if you read closely before bursting out such ludicrous accusations I stated I believe that someone who just helps others just because not because it is their job is someone more deserving ~in my opinion~ I didnt really want some huge rage and debate over itbut if you'd like to open another topic. Another reason I feel is there were the medals given out for LHO's already.
  7. Best Spell Caster Princ Rhaeger I havnt forgotten all those prot no multi and freeze spells mate! The Golden Protector Princ Rhaegar god he was just a protector for so long Helper of the Year (Grido can't be nominated) Tarquinus - personally I dont like the LHOs being nominated dont grill me for it its just a personal opinion, I believe one of those who just helps purely out of kindness when he or she can is most deserving and I think Tarquin is one of those people. Most Influential Pamplemousse
  8. Sparrhawk

    New Ggg?

    I do not speak before thinking at all. Before you go into insults perhaps you should read what I said again. It is elitist as its not open for everyone, when someone goes over a certian point do you move the place and not tell them where it is? this isnt even the arguement I was saying I dont think it should be paraded as GGG as one of the aspects of the GGG is that it was there for [u][/u]anyone[u][/u] to use it was always public knowledge. And to be frank at the end of the day. DST has as much right to attempt to destroy your training ground as you do to create one I really dont think any rules are being broken in that aspect your other aspect is not really part of this particular discussion though.
  9. Sparrhawk

    New Ggg?

    The original GGG may of had its flaws. But at least all were welcome. This seems elitest to me, if you wanna go hard thats fine but I think you shouldnt parade it as the new GGG even if you use the same style unless your going to offer it publicaly.
  10. I dont think 4 hours is really excessive at all. In my opinion, it is to show that 1 rebel can be squashed 1 rebel means nothing, but a group of rebels they cannot all be silenced. If a King abuses his rebel squasher all I can see happening is more rebels forming and the downfall of his empire. These changes are quite neat there is power back into the people.
  11. There not "MAJOR" differences though are they. It appears to be blatant imo. If i take a sketch of superman change the symbol to a D and invert it that doesnt make it an original its a copy with [u]minor[/u] changes made in an attempt to claim it as my own.
  12. Thanks guys its really cool to check in and see all the wishes I know ive been absent awhile i try to check in alot been quite busy with all the changes happening in my life lately, have my finals soon so i might be able to spend some time again.
  13. Sparrhawk

    Old Games!

    Alex the Kid! Wonder boy!
  14. I think i might be a bit late but Happy Birthday Handy hope you had a great one
  15. So will this close anytime soon? its been quite a while
  16. Mini marshmellows go with cupcakes but not with muffins thus the cupcake is vastly superior!
  17. I highly doubt it

  18. To do what is best for the land as a whole. We are only as strong as our weakest link. Fear not to announce an issue if you have one. If your nervous talk to me. I'll do it for you and keep it anonymous. To obey the rules laid down to the best of your ability. I feel these points would all be important additions. Though I would like to see your own at the least it could provide some points for discussion or open ideas up to other possibilities. My own are limited and could be expanded upon.
  19. back in shop as back in avatar section or im reading too much into that? if i am 1 gold 3 silver would be my bid. reason to return to the church.
  20. It should be someone active. and someone easily contactable such as someone who is generally in a central location by that I mean easily found. Personally since that announcment I only ever saw Elthen Airis once. Edit: I dont see why DST wouldnt be a good choice, she is highly active. easily recognisable and generally in an easy to find location. I know other people fill those catagories aswell. but theres no need to shoot it down for personal reasons.
  21. The biggest issue I think is your all talking about calculating all your stuff up as not to waste anything and all that and I really dont think thats what it is all about. Nor should you know about that if your new. I did not. I knew the GGG existed and I had no idea what the benefit was I thought creature wins without experience what is the point. Of course I know what that point is now. But what I am trying to say is your all taking it too seriously. GGG turned into a beast why? Because people wanted to Make mp3 and mp4 monster alts and it was the easiest way. How did they get targets? convincing new mp3 and 4 that they need to go there or they will be anhiliated at mp5. A fear which everyone keeps passing on to the next generation. I heard it myself I thought it was overhyped. I came to mp5 I was overwhelmed, I learnt survivabilty. I started paying more attention to fights. what makes you win them. Before I just made up a ritual and if it worked I kept using it untill it was broken. I discovered what can be done at the GGG I used it untill I thought I could compete then left. I think the biggest problem is people dont want to leave until they think they are the best. Or think they have the biggest/best stats. Dont be scared of Mp5. That needs to be the new message not fear mp5. Chuck a whole bunch in the deep end and sure some will drown. But some will learn to swim and might even thrive.
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