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  1. Hello! : D Just thought I'd drop by and bug you a bit. Teehee.

  2. I highly doubt it

  3. diabolical in nature :)


  4. I think personally that raw materials shouldnt have usable abilities exept for perhaps combining them with something like what mur said in the announcment, it would incourage people to hold on to then rather than trade them to people who want to craft items.
  5. I have recently aquired this item Chartreuse Cloak A cloak of yellow and green, when worn in a forest you may shimmer, unseen. I think that it would be interesting if it was usable as in could grant invisibility inside loreroot perhaps [color="#FF0000"]Mur: item made usable. Not only that but its a very cool one. It can cast cloak on others and consume heat for the cast. An other cloak item of someone else received same functionality (not sure who it was)[/color]
  6. I do see how there may be a problem with alts but what about those people who legitimately play an alt as another character. One example I can think of is Tarquinus and Keith. They are played as seperate characters. What would be wrong with Keith having an item crafted for his own character like a note book or something. Limiting the alternate character which is played in this way without thought for abuse would be quite frustrating to those people who play them and can't get the advantages there other character can. I do realise that there could be abuse with alts, some people are greedy
  7. even when you not spaar il like you *winks*

  8. Gallant Knight and Captain of the Half Moon -- you have my blessings.

  9. Thank you for silver coin, thank you for the crit, thank you for being a good friend and just saying hi :P

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