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  1. I still have No idea what the heads contest is. But yay! I feel wanted!
  2. Erm, Hi? ... (has no idea what to say) ... (is famously bad at hello topics) mynamesvassiandiactuallyjoinedseveralmonthsagobutgaveuponthetutorial butthengotanemailsayingihadachancetoget5freecreditssoithoughti'dtryitagainandigottomp3andfoundoutthegamewasreallyfunsonowi'mhere andhi. .... (takes a deep breath) Let's try that with spaces this time. My name's Vassi, and I actually joined several months ago but gave up on the tutorial but then got an email saying I had a chance to get 5 free credits so I thought I'd try it again and I got to mp3 and found out the game was real
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