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  1. Ah, I see what you're getting at. Well, thanks!
  2. Wait, so how else can you heal your creatures if you have to put them in a healing ritual? Because regen using your own VP takes a looong time.
  3. How exactly doing healing rituals work? They're just supposed to heal your creatures, but don't you need the creatures you want to heal in the ritual. Like, instead of just having 2 Barren Souls, having 2 Barren Souls and a Grasan
  4. Ooo! Me apply please! 1.Who is your (MD): a. closest friend: No one really. b. lover- Don't have one, don't really care for one. c. bitter enemy- None really. I do mildly dislike Snowflake, but that's merely because he keeps attacking me 2. “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice” Tell me…of these two options, how would you like your world to end and why? Fire, because then death would be short,warm, and awesome. 3. Where is your favorite place in this Realm and why? Marind Bell. It's fun to hang out there, is easy to get to, is close to useful objects, and h
  5. I still have No idea what the heads contest is. But yay! I feel wanted!
  6. Vassi


    My MD name(Vassi Ruini) first came out in a story I wrote for 6th grade English class looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. Specifically, in a short story about a pageboy who reported to his king (it was a very short story). I later brought it up when combining Magic:The Gathering and the xxxholic multiverse concepts into one. He was turned into a planeswalker/dimension hopper and a mage who could control strands of light. And now, he's in the MD world after being caught in a battle with another planeswalker/dimension hopper and being sent here with his powers screwed up. Sooo, ther
  7. Vassi

    No credits

    I think it takes a bit to get em. I know it took me 3 days.
  8. Erm, Hi? ... (has no idea what to say) ... (is famously bad at hello topics) mynamesvassiandiactuallyjoinedseveralmonthsagobutgaveuponthetutorial butthengotanemailsayingihadachancetoget5freecreditssoithoughti'dtryitagainandigottomp3andfoundoutthegamewasreallyfunsonowi'mhere andhi. .... (takes a deep breath) Let's try that with spaces this time. My name's Vassi, and I actually joined several months ago but gave up on the tutorial but then got an email saying I had a chance to get 5 free credits so I thought I'd try it again and I got to mp3 and found out the game was real
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