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  1. Perhaps for the poisen to add luck to it you could just add luck to the ifliction damage. eg Atk * Power / 100 + (luck / 2) 155*10/100*(200/2)= 115 extra damage. obviosly it will need some tweaking, but its just a base idea. Maybe increase limit of inflict to 150, 175 or 200. This way it will be more linked to stats and involve luck which you guys said you want a crt that will use luck so people farm that too. Of couse influence will change it as well. hmm inluence will take it way above max limit of inflict.
  2. There i have added more thing to the creature hopefully that will do. It might need more changing if it does feel free to say. Im thinking of changing the name of the angelican to something. Please tell me or pm me in game ideas if you have any. All criticism is welcome.
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    Ok thx dst. But why does it say it has 2 members? And if its inactive maybe someone should get it going again. These are just my points of views and questions.
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    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/app-housing/details.php on line 36 Warning: reset() [function.reset]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/app-housing/details.php on line 43 Warning: current() [function.current]: Passed variable is not an array or object in /home/magicdue/public_html/ui/app-housing/details.php on line 44 Dark Side Briskness = 10 / 10 Attack = 20 / 20 Defence = 20 / 20 2 / 10 members Score: 0 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html
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    I looked at darkside the alliance and it comes up with all this froum stuff. I tried putting it in as a website but it just said id not valid. I see it has 2 members but nothing seems to be happening with it. Whats going on? ps sorry if this is a stupid question i was just curios
  6. I have heard of the angiens, but i was under the inpression they were faceless, powerful beings of myth, and not creatures. I assumed they had there name because they were good guys, not winged angels. So what are the angiens? As for my idea i got it from something we did in RS, where some angel comes down and takes human form to learn about people, then he reatakes his true form and goes back to where he came from. leveling requirements, sacrificing rewards and cost to buy would be added later. Ps: strange was supposed to be the idea, as the stranger it is the more likely it is to be
  7. Are you saying attack stat times power stat divided by 100 will give me my poisen damge? I will check if this works. Id say it would work it gives 12 damge a turn stacking them up to 100. This is as Angelican without influence. I used a power stat of 8. I will make a table. Theyll be rounded Angelican-attack 155 power 8=12 power 10=16 power 9=14 Posterus 2-attack 120 power 8=10 power 7=8 power 9=11 posterus-attack 70 power 8=6 power 9=6 power 7=5 Please come someone choose a level theyd like the power to be, for all 3. This is gonna be hard, need to find level that suits steal
  8. Burns has the got the idea i ment with infliction damage, and i like the limit of damage. As for spaces ive fixed that with new lines. A power rating seems interesting, somehow ive never noticed that before. Ill have to try and find an appropriate stats for it. If someone can explain it better i should be able to work out a number. Influence, whered he get it from? On the loith i did mean the same targets as the energeticum 3. As for the stragegy on the lower lvels it wasnt intended but i see now it is a good thing, so i will make it continue. I will edit it to make it clearer. Nex dont wo
  9. Ive been doing some research and for a marind bell creature it should be unique, a mix of evil and good until becoming one. Also some would like new powers for the game. So ive come up with this new creature which should hopefully meet standards. If not back to the drawing board. Purchase requirements vitality, 8000 valuepoints, 8000 action points ,50 explore points, 16 Energeticum pic des: a ball of light des: A strange creature one which you've never seen before. It seems like a ball of energy, but somehow you can sense what its feeling. You're not sure what it is and what it doe
  10. You keep on mentioning that you will do other stuff but havent specified in what other stuff you will be doing. Because the only real thing to protect people besides helping is to set up dojos and sanctuaries. So no offence but i do not see the point in this, as people stated above there are the dojo staff for that. And since there is no one else to protect them from there is nothing to do. Though i like the idea.
  11. I guess thats to strong. I was thinking of giving it a weak attack of like 70 to go with the max. I will still try and find a unique combination for my new creature idea.
  12. Ok thanks liberty. I was thinking of tweaking to having weak stats for a higher init. Plus thanks for telling me about thew edit. So how would a creature with like 45 init go down ( at max) or this to strong.
  13. That makes sense as i did compare it to the knator to make it not too strong. Obviosly some improvements are needed. Ill see if i can make it a little more unique with different stats. What does initiative do to the creatures? I assume its like an intelligence but im not sure what it will do to creatures in game.
  14. I have an idea for a creature in marind bell. Im sorry if this is the wrong forum and if theres already a centaur creature that i havent come across yet. Well any way here is my idea, ive even given some stats to save work if its made, but of course tha decision rests with Mur or whoever does new creatures. Centaur Pic idea: A young centaur without armour description: A young centaur who paws the groung nervously. He is keen to help you and eager to taste the glory of battle. Atk 35 def 5 initiative 1 type of damage attack normal hp 200
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