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  1. anna's hummingbirds, cherry blossoms, and mimosas for breakfast... what springtime things are you grateful for?

  2. I'm still locked away from you, but I remember the illuminating warmth of our reverent memories, forever cherished.   If I could sing to you, I would.   Fondly, PO
    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      It got merged with UFC 7 years ago.

    2. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      I have no idea what you are talking about Ary - not the same PRIDE :P *waves a rainbow flag*

  3. It's like threading the eye of a needle just to keep intact these days. Better offered the strength adversity brings, the lessons, tears, and scars - scattered, broken dreams so long and so far.

  4. Kate Bush is one of my favorite musical inspirations. Who inspires you?

    1. Intrigue


      Weird Al if we're speaking music... In general though, there are too many to list

    2. Nimrodel


      Linkin park :3 always..

    3. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      Placebo's cover of Kate Bush :p

  5. The CoE badges were taken when there were 6 core alliance members still active... and multiple attempts were made to 'earn' the badges back (even though they were taken nefariously, but that's another issue). When Pip hijacked the alliance, I cursed it in game, but I was in a way thankful for it. It solidified our resolve, plans were developed and hatched to reclaim them, and we began performing more rituals. However, despite increased activity, and despite reaching out multiple times to 'the gods' of MD with a list of active players and activities, we were never given the opportunity to recla
  6. "Anything" is possible so long as the one/s deciding chooses to make it happen. And in that regards "nothing" is possible for those who have garnered their disfavor.   I will not attempt to be involved with such decisions again in MD; however, the CoE does have a rich and varied history.   There are still memories rich like gardens; rituals, lesson, and song. Sacred places.   The CoE lived before before we had badges, as, in spirit, it has 'survived' afterwards. It's just unfortunate that many of my kin have been run out of the realm by a certain weasel with powerful strin
  7. Happy birfday Granny... sometimes when I pass by the GoE I still have flashbacks of you doing the Time Warp dance in front of it - and no amount of mouthwash can touch that taste which ever lingers something fierce.   XOXOXO
  8. "You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise." - Maya Angelou, may she rest in peace.

  9. Twilight hours, Octavia Butler sci-fi books, and red wine. What three things are you grateful for?

    1. Nimrodel


      Food, air and water mainly :D

    2. lashtal


      Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll!

  10. Speaker of the Dead, forum PM

  11. Yes, I took this picture. No, I am not admitting to any crimes.
  12. Total Eclipse -

    1. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      Klaus heavily influenced my in-game dream muse - some may be able to make the connection.

    2. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      "He failed. The rest is silence."

  13. dst neg repping all of my birfday wishes.. par for the course

    1. Maebius


      birthday? drat, I missed the forum topic. +1 Happy happies.

    2. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      Exaggeration. MOST, not all.

  14. Tipu you should probably make babies with me.

    1. Chewett
    2. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      There is no way I can respond to this without it being taken the wrong way...

      ...Something is fishy here.

    3. Muratus del Mur

      Muratus del Mur

      alomst died laughing..this should be sent to trial as attemptive murder by laughing.. WTF IS GOING ON :))

  15. If you were trapped in a box with a little girl and could only have one item, what would it be? A match, mirror, or dagger?

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    2. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      Match, then I'll have food if need be.

    3. Maebius


      Remerson would probably say the mirror, to put over your face, so she never knows who killed her.

    4. Maebius


      Maebius would say the match, of course, to Light up the corners of the box.

      Gort would choose the flowers. ;)

  16. No one,   Find me in game and I will give you 825 branches and 655 lumber for free if you'd like.
  17. I reread several dream quest entries. Such inspiration. This is why I returned.

    1. Phantom Orchid

      Phantom Orchid

      It was an honor to facilitate self-exploration and personal growth.

    2. Chewett


      So what are you doing now? :)

  18. What a beautiful day prepping garden beds!

    1. Mallos
    2. Maebius


      garden beds? it's below freezing here. LOTS below freezing. (-4F, -20C!!!)

  19. Love knows no boundaries. Thank you - you know who you are.

  20. As you all know, I have not been truly active for quite some time. I have been trying to log in each day, say hi to old friends when possible, and that's about it. I've never pretended otherwise. When I logged on today I found this. Muratus del Mur - .: random bs to pretend i am active :. Phantom Orchid - .: Sanguine Moon :. I have enjoyed helping craft items with Udgard, and doing small things here and there, but, I have simply not had the capacity to be involved in this damn game since my little sister ODed three months ago. I've been grieving, at a loss... occasionally my
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