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  1.   No, it's about judging other people's intent, according to standards you accumulated in this world and the situations and circumstances that apply to this reality world. I'm not saying that this is right or this is wrong, or that I don't respect your views or your way of expressing them; it's just that it seems that it is what you are doing here. That's why I used the term 'morality' in my post: because basically that's what you are doing here in this whole issue. As far as I can see, at least on your side, you're trying to get others to believe in your version of right and wrong, beca
  2. I haven't really played MD much, nor experienced the thing about killing that people have been talking about, so I don't suppose I can really give a qualified comment, but I think the thing about death in real life is that it takes away real life. When you die in real life you die, and your experience is over, and everything you have gained and hold on to and value and is important to you is taken away. You lose everything, and that's just for your effects on you. Everyone who is dear to you loses everything that depends on you, too. And so in society we have rules to make sure that no one can
  3. King Bull is Always around. Sometimes, not as the Bull. Beware!

  4. Wait, he's around. Whoops! Sorry.

  5. Oh yeah, BTW, do you know what happened to King Bull? An hour after he got me to be his adept, his disappeared. What happened???

  6. Saw that you stopped by. Say hello next time. I don't recognize your name.

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