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  1. [b][font="Comic Sans MS"][s]Elemental age 448...[/s] Grasan age 447 Grasan age 448 [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] (all on day 159) [s]...Chaos Archer, age 436[/s] [/font][/b][b][font="Comic Sans MS"] [s]...another Chaos, age 436 also.[/s] [s]...the 3rd Chaos, age 448.[/s] ...guess what, another Chaos, age 448 also. ...and...wait for it... CHAOS archer, 448, again and I also have some barrens around...age between 440 and 540... but I doubt ure interested xD...or maybe?...tell me if s
  2. [font="Comic Sans MS"][b]I dont seem to find you around MD..and Im too lazy to look for you ...so I'm gonna tell you here I will let you use youre imagination on this one..since is free XD Make a young wizard with a nice decorated staff and a hood on but under the hood must be pitch black [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]..no face I'll let you do everything you want in the rest [/b][/font]
  3. [b][font="Comic Sans MS"] Both[/font][/b]
  4. [font="Comic Sans MS"]thats.... dissapointing, Czez...really >_> Nobody has anything against alts ... well exept [color="#ff0000"]Mur [/color]in GGG ... but he has a good reason for that ... you did all this s*** just only for the forum account alt thingy?...... we all know why that rule is there.... [color="#0000ff"]Chewett[/color] just sayd too And the word "[color="#2e8b57"]ALT[/color]" is not a mark or anything...it just means 'alternative account' ...nothing bad in that .............[/font]
  5. [url="http://www.uwec.edu/help/PhotoshopCS2/transpimgs.htm#Existing"]http://www.uwec.edu/...gs.htm#Existing[/url] this will tell you how to make the background of an image transparent and also export as transparent GIF with photoshop. [color=#00BFFF]Shadowseeker: Note, below are some more tutorials. Including mine which is for GIMP, which is a free program.[/color] [color=#00BFFF]Please note that its NOT the magic wand that you should use![/color]
  6. hmm ...yes...I had this problem with some of my alts... and it did not last only 2 days.... some believe that is a network problem... most of the newbies without flag are from Romania I checked on all of my alts and... on the recent ones... there was no flag... on the older forgotten ones there is...
  7. [b][font="Comic Sans MS"]I totally agree with Awiya's ideea about making token fights work only with...well...tokens this way it will be more balanced and won't damage the amount of income to the game because you can still buy them as you wish but only use them against other players with tokens in a fare level... Jester had a somehow counter-ideea to that like : "if you have a tree with claw in def you can get attacked by tokened drachs " (or something like that) ... so I am saying this : So what?...Its a risk you must take ...and I am sure that a tree in def its not set to WIN ... so by ge
  8. [size="4"][b]Row 30 [i]Column 1[/i][/b][/size]
  9. You know when you're on MD for too long when: -when someone starts telling they're oppinion about you...you interrupt them and say: "Post it in my log...I'll read it later.."
  10. I will sarcrifice 2 mind power levels for dark IV I guess there's nothing that Mur can't do xD
  11. [font="Comic Sans MS"]Name[/font] – Wizard of heaven [font="Comic Sans MS"]Player ID[/font] – 111199 [font="Comic Sans MS"]Title/Tag[/font] – Morpher of minds (unofficial) [font="Comic Sans MS"]Role[/font] – A traitor of light... Seeking a way through he's real passion.... the darkness. He uses mind as a powerful weapon. He can be very helpfull in emotional and mind poblems...and also could be a danger...having the knowledge of light, he can reach the deepest points in the enemy's mind. Not much of a fighter, he can be found in the back lines of the battlefront, aiding he's allies. [fo
  12. no probl with that...I can handle the account to Mur if that's the problem...Anyway It's just an ideea anyway I made this account long ago. >_>
  13. [size="3"][color="#000000"]I'll say this short: I have created an Yahoo Messenger account (since Y! is the most used) for player support, and I want you're oppinion about this ideea. Thank you! [b]it's pretty simple: MagicDuelAdventure@yahoo.com[/b][/color][/size]
  14. [font="Comic Sans MS"][size="7"]113 !!! [/size][/font]
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