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  1. But it's hard to remove an inflamed apendex with a sawed off shotgun, unless of course you don't mind doing more damage than you're attempting to avoi

  2. What about Thread Necromancy? Wow, I remember reading this when I first joined and having had a thought. How about the principal of force? Force would of course be highly connected to the principal of transposition in some ways, but physical force wouldn't need to be the only one considered. A force is anything that pushes something to change in some way, a force could be a form of seduction attempting to get someone to do something for you or could be misinformation to get a person to go in the wrong direction (these are not the droids you are looking for . Of course one might also be abl
  3. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4970-team-battles/ Team battles.
  4. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4575-alliance-situation/ Some stuff about alliances.
  5. Yeah Burns that was what I meant. Rare creatures are not so abundant anymore, and most people who have them don't want to sell them. That means that for the most part this market is depending on Mur creating more and more items. Which will just flood the market. Of course for people like Burns and Shady, these items only have use if they can help them get creatures currently. I like the idea of consumable items, like, say, a muffin? Eat it and it restores some health. I know Burns has said little things aren't MUCH use for vetrans, but it's more use than some coin in your inventory
  6. Ok, so you want people to have coins, you are spreading them out. These coins will then be used to buy creatures and items, and that will be the end of it? Or are we depending on Mur creating more items? I understand where your money is going, but I'm NOT seeing an infinite supply of infinite goods/services. I understand where you said the money is going Kriskah, that's not the issue. How will it keep flowing? And it's fine, don't bother answering this.
  7. Oddly enough Stormrunner, no one has answered any of my questions. I have offered ideas, I am glad to help. Perhaps you could actually add things on occasion rather than just ranting about nothing? And I have no idea what you are talking about "quotes" "imply" or "trying to make a point with them". Really, perhaps you should be more specific in your complaints. Actually, just saying something AT ALL, would be lovely. Threatening to cuss me out Storm, is really not much of a threat at all. Will it hurt me at all? No. Will it make you look like a complete moron? Yes
  8. Kriskah, I never implied that you said that people should pay for help with papers, but people have since. It was one idea about how money might exchange hands once the wealth is more spread out. Edit: Actually, this was in fact discussed at the meeting. Guybrush Threepwood:So, who is going to pay for helping people with papers? Gauge:Nay Graziel, or they would not have any value. Guybrush Threepwood:Will you give someone money and have them watch over that? Gauge:I would gladly pay two silver for someone to help me with my paper. Guybrush Threepwood:Do you want to start paying th
  9. Let's just think for a second stormrunner, let's just try it for one second. And again, thanks for ignoring the entirety of my post. I have seen few, very very very few MP3s who have anything in their inventory at all. Even assuming they are willing to pay for paper help (which is an idea I don't like) most CAN'T. You have few coins, very few coins. And no, the fact that an RPC is giving silver coins for solving a QUEST, and ONE PERSON is paying for stories (something that actually has some value, unlike a imaginary surgery or elixer) does not mean that MOST players are willing
  10. [quote name='stormrunner' post='30267' date='May 4 2009, 05:40 PM']really so I haven't started a very simple quest that anyone can do with the reward being a silver coin and ailith doesn't have her silver coin quest ether? please do us all a favor if your only going to bring up things people are trying to fix and not offer to help, please just keep your peace. this is as nice as I can be about this[/quote] Thanks for completely ignoring the majority of my post. Also, do you expect right off of the bat new MP3 or 2 players to start running around attempting to do quests to g
  11. I hear a lot about item hoarders, and I guess I haven't seen to many people with items. But how many people keep items because they think it would be useful for a role, and how many are holding onto them just to hold on to them? I honestly don't know, I'm just asking. Also, something that might help keep people from hoarding these things is removing the top item owners list. Seems like a silly list to have if you want items to spread around, but maybe that's just me. In order for a market to exist, there needs to be an infinite amount of goods or services produce able. As lo
  12. I apologize for any offense I may have caused yesterday. It just didn't seem like everyone was on the same page, but I got out of hand and misinterpreted some things it would seem. I got out of hand, and I apologize for that.
  13. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3854"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3854[/url] Ideas to make the loyalty system resemble what's actually occurring. More a topic for discussing ideas on how it could be done than just critiquing my own suggestion.
  14. [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3852"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3852[/url] I'm really not sure how it is that I am supposed to post the link, if this aint it, sorry. Anywho, this here is a link to a discussion on the character "classes" that Mur mentioned in a previous post somewhere in this here forum. While this is Mur's idea, and not mine, I thought it would be a good idea if we as a community brainstormed how the dilio might be implemented.
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