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    Piano, Tennis, Music, Reading, Writing
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    Fawe, Distortion, Agro, AntRamCastle, antramcastle2, MagicDuelist200, Swordsman Kyle, KillerGreenAcidThing, MarkLoreal,

About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Fawe, the elementalist. You might know me from MD, but if you don't, so what? :P So... This forum... Interesting, I guess if I had more friends, profile views, and comments. So! Please do so. I try to be active here, for I find it interesting. That's all I have to say, because I'm bored. :D.

Poem-making Contest
For my quest, you need to make a poem about you and a quote you highly believe. Best poem wins! Also, you must post a comment in my profile page and add me as a friend. That is all.
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