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  1. Yesterday, I had around 1.44 credits, and I clicked on the links to earn more. I got the Vit,Vp and action points, but when I looked back at my current credits, it shrank back to 1.7$! O.o Can anybody tell me why it suddenly decreased?
  2. [b]Views on Life[/b] Life is like a harsh, cruel master Giving you endless amounts of labor Life is like an unjust official Giving you less when you deserve something special Life is like the mountains: towering and high But when you climb the top, you'll reach the sky Life is like the sea, treacherous during storms But let this pass, and see beauty in all its forms Life is like a blessing Giving you many things worth treasuring Life is like a teacher Teaching lessons that you must remember In the end, life is a surprise Filled with birth, consequence and demise Life is a journ
  3. Reason/s for Joining I want to see the sword myself. I want to earn reliable companions and learn lessons worth remembering. I want to improve my fighting skills and know more about the lands. Why I should be Recruited I may be a demon child, but that doesn't mean I'm not strong. My physical and mental capabilities are befitting for any perilous journey and I also have control over elemental magic. My enchanted sword, "The Black Fang", can cut through anything, even the winds itself. And besides, I think I'm smaller than anyone else in MD, so I can probably fit through small holes that yo
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