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  1. I don't like this suggestion, having once given an anonymous item gift to someone and wishing it would stay that way. I see the usefulness in keeping track of coins, but being able to surprise someone or to be surprised by Mur would be a lot to give up.
  2. Czez


    I confess that I, along with a couple of trusted friends, built and tested a bomb made largely of knator dung inside the Gazebo of Chaos cavern, during the last HC. It is powerful enough to move large boulders. And I am not sharing this technology cheaply.
  3. Wear it well. The coat's a bit heavy, but has good pockets. Hope it fits you better. :] And I won't blame you if you lose the sequined evening bag...

  4. O_O Skinwalker! She is all woman to me.

  5. All alliances currently care for people, Mackie, and I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with that. However, most are pretty weak on rp concept, imo, and this one presents a rare opportunity. Plus, I stand by my statement that exactly what's special about the Tribunal lands compared to all of the others, is so much Stuff made by People who are no longer There.
  6. restraint! hurrah!

  7. Yep. Janitors, detectives, lost and found, whatever... I think the mercenary aspect falls from this quite easily.
  8. Back to topic. I really wanna see guys with mops and buckets and hedgetrimmers. This is a style of rp I really respect. I wanna see an alliance based at the water pump or in some undiscovered broom closet... Lurk in shadows, talk to crypts. What's interesting about the Tribunals compared to other lands is that there is so much Built. So much detail that is missing elsewhere, save the Archives. It begs for dusting and polishing and finding use for expected objects. Who cares about godmodding fighters when you can interact with the visible environment? There's too much nobility already in the re
  9. mhm :D lately i felt i needed the protection...

  10. Happy Birthday :]

  11. As I've posted elsewhere, I think it's reasonable to ban only those accounts that participated in serious abuses.
  12. Hey yourself :]

  13. Psst, Sage. That fine irish whiskey was from the secret LHO stash in the Paper Cabin... But I'd love another bottle, thanks.
  14. I think this is a great idea. Why not let the people who have shown they enjoy it continue to participate? However, I do think participation at that level should be voluntary. Many of us who were reasonably strong at mp3 or mp4 when we won medals are not in any shape to compete again. And also, this sort of advanced contest really should only be for the enthusiastic. Make it hard for them. Don't give cheap targets.
  15. I was nice to play with you, Adio. Good luck with whatever you do. Maybe you will come back someday. I recently did, and am glad of it...
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