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  1. Happy Birthday Tara! :]

  2. powodzenia :] mam nadzieję, że sytuacja zmieni się na lepsze niedługo.

  3. nie działa? cholera :[ czy twoja siostra grałaby MD też?

  4. bardzo dobrze :] a Robin poprawi nasze błędy. co słychać?

  5. Czez


  6. mam nadzieję, że tam dobrze się bawisz :]

  7. świetnie! :] od jak dawna tam mieszkasz i co robisz?

  8. Dear Guybrush Threepwood, May your next year be filled with even more sequins and rhinestones than the last. Regards, Czez
  9. dobrze, dziękuję :] co słychać?

  10. Czez

    Who Is Right?

    Dst. She is not as right as I am, but she is certainly less wrong than Grido.
  11. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' date='13 October 2009 - 01:59 PM' timestamp='1255431575' post='44557'] define unable[/quote] The link didn't work. I thought this was related to the system being implemented following the forum vote, but I'm not sure why. When it didn't work, I commented in the forum instead, hoping it would be counted. I was able to use the system for the Necrovion election without problems. Not sure if it's relevant, but I've recently changed browser (from opera to firefox, for mac).
  12. I've taught argumentation at the university level. You are welcome to ask for my help.
  13. I vote for L because these questions are well-rounded, involving history, strategy, and ritual design.
  14. [size="5"][font="Georgia"]Happy Birthday Pample![/font][/size]
  15. I was unable to access the new system.
  16. 15:00 server time is completely unreasonable for anyone living west of the mississippi... Please change the start time so everyone has a chance to participate.
  17. I don't think it's fair if my vote wasn't counted. I voted in the forum, before the new feature was implemented, and commented only there. I see other arguments from the forum in summary. Were those duplicates?
  18. Those of us who voted in this forum before the feature was implemented were only able to add comments in this thread. Were our comments also included in the final evaluation?
  19. Why not give greater gains to weaker players? Make these creatures more useful only at a certain level, like aramors, but cap the advantage later? And really it's the targets that makes them less desireable for most situations.
  20. Bump! The festival is underscoring this problem once again as a number of players, not all noobs, have had to leave GoE because of the the pounding they are getting from very strong players who don't bloody need to do it. For example, Udgard was close to stat damage, and he's an RPC who should be able to attend public events. I'm worried about balance and forced to attack weaker players who I know can't afford it as they are getting what I'm getting already... That is not fun, and it is not interesting. Bloody do something to fix this! Hold the festival in a sanctuary if you have to, but th
  21. [quote name='Grido' date='01 October 2009 - 11:22 PM' timestamp='1254428576' post='43455'] I don't believe that a circumstance that has nothing to do with the leadership of GG, in any way, should be brought into this. My clear statement regarding Lightsage, you did not like, that's fair, you're entitled to that, and you not liking me, that's also fair. But relating my talking about why Lightsage was banned to any sort of leadership skills i may or may not have isnt right.[/quote] It is exactly relevant, and why I've posted in this thread. I don't dislike you, and I've no opinion on that. Bu
  22. My current alliance is based in the Underground, but I am still a Golemian. I joined Cryxus' crew my first week in the realm, and my home has always been the sea, so I consider the Island also my homeland. I have not always been comfortable with Yrth's actions, but as he is my King, I never felt it was my place to question him. As a former member of GG alliance, my loyalties were tested in the Troubles with Loreroot. And eventually I left that alliance due to personal comflict with it's leadership, but with Grido, and not Yrth, regarding Lightsage's banning. I've voted here to keep Yrth a
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