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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

    Hope you're enjoying yourself, wherever you are now....

  2. If we wanted to encourage people to figure out more interesting ways to fight, we would cap skills the same way principles were capped. It is true now that there are people who train constantly and never fight. But I don't see much wrong with that. It is a reason to keep logging in, and setting attainable goals, for people who may not be into conversation or rp, or even finding targets or testing rits. Some just haven't the time, language skill, or interest. We don't all play the same game. That's one of the most interesting and unique features of the realm. GGG provides an environment that
  3. Why are people so obsessed with the Number of items any one player has, rather than the reasons that people have them in the first place? Setting aside the example of a couple notable exceptions atop the item owners list currently, there is no way to quantify RP value of a set of items. There is a scarcity of raws, but that is largely Metal. Almost noone, and certainly not my char, has metal items that can be used to craft other items, and if I did I would put them back into circulation. The other significant problem in getting more "raw" items back into circulation (and btw are these real
  4. Wtt Onyx Stone for translucent gem. Straight up trade, no coins. Please pm offer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wtb/trade for chalk. Please pm offer. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wtt willow log for craftable metal item (i.e. no coins, unfortunately). Straight across trade. Please pm offer. [color="purple"]No need for three seperate threads, topics merged - Gri
  5. I don't want to be on the list at all. I voted in the other thread about this, and even suggested an alternative list of Items, so people can search but those of use who've acquired items in legitimate ways for rp or role-related reasons don't have to be accused of hoarding.
  6. Shadowseeker, we are talking about "raw" items. The other items that were generated uniquely for my char based on rp, or were given to her for her role, are not for you to count. I acquired, through gifts or purchases, a number of "raw" items, some of which I intend to use in creation of more complex custom items from the crafters, as everyone else can do. Some of them however, are very similar to unique items I use in rp. How is my char supposed to see a difference in cedar, whether plank or bark, when it was used in the same way as the pine needles and tar which are uniquely hers? Similarl
  7. Just as an example, my char Czez has used [b]Cedar B[i]ark[/i][/b] in an adventure-quest, which generated several unique items and could have easily included this one. Later, she received as a gift a [b]Cedar [i]Plank[/i][/b], which is considered a "Raw" item. Do I really have to spend a WP to make [i]Bark[/i] from a [i]Plank[/i] (which is sort of implausible) in order to keep this item in my char's inventory?
  8. Can't we have a list of Items rather than owners?
  9. My char Czez has a lot of inventory items. Many of them were created uniquely in response to RP events she was involved in, or are specific to her role as a navigator. She also posses a number of 'Raw' items. Almost all of these were gifts from people as she was fortunate to celebrate her 200th AD the day many were introduced to the game. One of them I bought. They are not for sale or trade, and certainly not for profit. That is not hoarding. I've long wanted to comission special items for her role, and use some of the items she has in quests. Currently, she actively employs almost all of th
  10. Possible uses for some Items currently in Czez' inventory: [b]Knator Bones[/b]: grant bearer key to Loreroot Back entrance, as this is location of knator den [b]Tar[/b]: grant bearer movelock spell [b]Horseshoe[/b]: grant bearer increase in Luck stat (temp? transferable by spell?) [b]Pine needles[/b]: grant bearer spell to increase VP [b]Nautical Charts and Graphs[/b]: grant bearer spell to increase Exploring Points Last two are useful mainly for helping noobs, but still nice ability. Item I haven't got but would like to see: [b]Feather Pillow[/b]: grants bearer givevital spe
  11. Wow Thanks for this, and my apologies for the misunderstanding about forum pm rather than in game.
  12. Thanks everybody! It was a very nice day. I hope we'll all see another good year together, here or elsewhere. Happy New Year
  13. Say it ain't so! Who's gonna fight the shades? Thanks for everything, Lib.
  14. My lucky number 93, please :]
  15. Czez


    My first memory in the realm is finding my old friend Alwin, who guided me into free roam only to realise it was HC! We hid out the next few days in the Archives Gardens, and challenged eachother who could solve the Broken Pattern Gazebo puzzle first. Alwin won, but I got my first WP too.
  16. [quote name='Grido' date='08 December 2009 - 01:38 AM' timestamp='1260229115' post='49409'] The ceremony will then take place on Saturday 19th, at.....1600 server(? any objections?) At a location yet to be decided (suggestions welcome).[indent]Please discuss location and timing in this thread, there is a fair amount of time to sort this out, so i'm hoping it can get sorted in time so that the most players can join in the awarding [/indent] [/quote] 16: server time is a bit rough for the western u.s. so how about 20:?
  17. I've yet to receive any, but I still have time.
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