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  1. Welcome Allyce :]

  2. Happy Birthday! :)

    Hope you're enjoying yourself, wherever you are now....

  3. Possible uses for some Items currently in Czez' inventory: [b]Knator Bones[/b]: grant bearer key to Loreroot Back entrance, as this is location of knator den [b]Tar[/b]: grant bearer movelock spell [b]Horseshoe[/b]: grant bearer increase in Luck stat (temp? transferable by spell?) [b]Pine needles[/b]: grant bearer spell to increase VP [b]Nautical Charts and Graphs[/b]: grant bearer spell to increase Exploring Points Last two are useful mainly for helping noobs, but still nice ability. Item I haven't got but would like to see: [b]Feather Pillow[/b]: grants bearer givevital spe
  4. Happy Birthday Tara! :]

  5. powodzenia :] mam nadzieję, że sytuacja zmieni się na lepsze niedługo.

  6. nie działa? cholera :[ czy twoja siostra grałaby MD też?

  7. bardzo dobrze :] a Robin poprawi nasze błędy. co słychać?

  8. Czez


  9. mam nadzieję, że tam dobrze się bawisz :]

  10. świetnie! :] od jak dawna tam mieszkasz i co robisz?

  11. dobrze, dziękuję :] co słychać?

  12. Wear it well. The coat's a bit heavy, but has good pockets. Hope it fits you better. :] And I won't blame you if you lose the sequined evening bag...

  13. O_O Skinwalker! She is all woman to me.

  14. restraint! hurrah!

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