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  1. Czez carries pine needles. She and Emerald Arcanix collected them for their scent, in Loreroot, and they appeared in her inventory.
  2. I am still alive :] Thanks for remembering me.
  3. Manda

    i dont c u in a long time i miss u where r u :(

  4. Atlas

    Start playing MD again

  5. Czez

    Alt Liberation

    One would hope people can resist flaming, and find better reasons to kill a discussion. This topic has helped bring some things to light, but I still have some questions. I like alts, I play alts. It is nice to see the realm through fresh eyes, or anonymously. In MD it's very challenging to develop multiple separate chars because everything is so interconnected and also because many people play primarily ooc. So, as others have mentioned, there is a lot of grey area when it comes to the difference between an account and a char. Specificaly regarding the GGG, what's the difference between a
  6. Czez

    Alt Liberation

    [quote name='Chewett' date='09 May 2010 - 07:41 PM' timestamp='1273423273' post='59585'] Your stupidity has reached a new level of unintelligibility.[/quote] C'mon! I really need to explain this is satire?! But there is a serious point to it. I want a discussion of how ppl really use alts, and what exactly is abuse. I use an alt Zezc as a peer mp3 to help noobs learn to set rits. She lives in the Paper Cabin. She is Czez, only mp3. Is this an abuse alt? Perhaps…. I used to play another char, who had separate life, goals, interests and friends from Czez. That clearly was not. Recent pu
  7. [I am posting this on behalf of a friend who because of 'Alt' status cannot even get a forum account!] People of MD! For too long we have tolerated injustice perpetrated on our brethren! The time has come! End Alt Abuse and Discrimination now! Demand more Rights for Alts! Who among us can say he is not an Alt? Who has not been forced into idle mode while another 'Alt' is active?! We, concerned Alts of MD, are seeking redress to include the following: 1. Henceforth, stop using the offensive terminology 'main' !!! 2. End discrimination in training areas such as GGG. We Alts have l
  8. What's with all the handwringing? It is NOT RP! This is merely a tool that allows you to give any number of your heads to someone, whether they want them or not.
  9. Yes, yes, yes! It is fun. I may look like RP, and there are no creature fights involved, but it is just another tool, like spells. Fighting is not just about who is strongest. HC is fun because of things like strategy and diplomacy. It is interesting to be able to give someone heads they don't want, for example.
  10. Czez


    [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='29 April 2010 - 07:00 PM' timestamp='1272556831' post='58909'] They don't really increase anything..2% is a laughable amount of like 2 or 1 initiative. [/quote] So what about this, from an actual log (name changed): [font="Georgia"][blooddrop3] XXX gets 940 attack (20 percent) and 260 initiative (20 percent).[/font] edit: tested.
  11. Czez


    What about the other init tokens, the Blood Drops?
  12. Czez


    I should lose against people who put a lot more work and money into their rituals. But you are right there are a handful out there that are uninterestingly dominant. An advantage should not be the same as a guarantee. Given what we have, what does nerfing the init tokens get us? Losing 100% of the time to some untokened as well as to tokened rits is not going to feel better. How does that create a more just system and also maintain shop incentives?
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