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  1. Happy Birthday!   P.S Sorry for the lateness
  2. No, there aren't 189 members in MB. Those points represent land loyalty.   This topic explains the citizenship voting.   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13216-citizenship-by-crash-test-dummy/
  3. I've only ever thought about it once, and it was only due to the strategic value that comes with it. I however didn't follow through with it. The amount of time needed to gather and maintain adepts exceeded what I could give at that point in time.   If asked do I want to be an MP6 now without needing the adepts, I would say yes. Though, it would only be out of curiosity. Like anything else I've never seen before or experienced I am curious about the various aspects of it. (i.e the interface, the different spell trees, and any other aspect that is different where I am now.)
  4. A citizen can only vote on an application once. If you're still interested in joining, start another application. Any persistence and determination shown will go a long way.
  5. Thank you everybody! You've all made this Monday Birthday better! :)
  6. As the title says, I'm looking to buy a GG Drachorn. As of the 31st of December, I will have the funds to do so. If anyone is interested in selling one PM me in-game or on the forum.   I'm not sure what the average going price in credits is. I'm not willing to pay more credits for it based on tokens; however I am willing to add gold and silver based on the amount of tokens the GG has.
  7. Happy Birthday Bash! I hope you're having a good one! :D
  8. Do you plan on selling the creatures or completing transactions on the creatures with bids that exceed the 10 day limit anytime soon?
  9. 1) Imperial Aramor ID: 266657 Age: 1960 Heat: 3302   2) BloodPact Heretic Archer ID: 308741 Age: 1947 Heat: 4099   3) Pimped Grasan ID: 606929 Age: 1778 Heat: 4099   1 GC & 3 SC for all three. ( 10 SC for the BP, 4 SC for the Imp and 4 SC the Pimped)
  10. 2) BloodPact Heretic Archer <------ 7 SC ID: 308741
  11. 16. BloodPact Heretic Archer (ID: 817653) <------ 7 SC   Edit: Didn't see the other bid on it.
  12. 16. BloodPact Heretic Archer (ID: 817653) <------ 4 SC
  13. 9 days, or 216 hours, or 12960 minutes...Feels like an eternity either way I look at it >.

    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      Oh, poor little thing, why are they torturing you so long?

    2. everyone


      They must enjoy it, though at least I have gotten a reply, but it contains one of my least favorite words...

  14. I'd like to help as well.
  15. I don't mind the fact that the reward was lowered, just how much it was decreased. 75% seems like a lot to me, considering the current gap between those trying to even get close to players like darkraptor, Eon and Lightsage, whose stats range into the millions. It will be near impossible to catch up to the current "top dogs" (maybe not Eon or Lightsage, who aren't really that active now) but darkraptor is certainly not going to be easy to catch up to. There are also others whose stats are significantly high, and would be at an advantage due to this change.   In my plan to gain as much s
  16. Name: concussion ID: 106826 Duration: From the time of purchase to November 3rd, 2014. Reasons: Who doesn't want a concussion?!. Limitations: The person should actually use the leash, doesn't matter when, where, as long it gets used. (If the leash gets used too much and sent to me I will continue to give it back to the slavemaster until the 3rd of November) I won't obey an order that goes against MB or it's citizens. Also won't be giving my creatures, either. >.> Percentage for TKs: 11% 33% Minimum Bid: Standard, doesn't matter to me.   Edit: Is there a maximum duration for
  17. I never said you left GoTR because you were denied training. Your posts previous to your most recent and elaborative one had led me to believe you were upset because of the negative reputation and left because of it. You should make your points clear and try not to be so emotional about the situation.   If you had been more elaborative earlier, I would have been able to come to a different conclusion. I can only go on what I read in the topic.   Feel free to continue surfing the MB hidden forums to give me negative reputation on old posts. Unlike yourself, I'm not going to take i
  18.   No, atleast not in my situation. I used the reputation system as it was intended. To show approval or dissapproval of a post or idea. You should read up on it's intended purposes before assuming things like that.   I did not like the idea of rules being imposed. As Syrian said, they aren't needed if you know what you're doing.   @Aeoshattr, you got a little negative reputation, get over it. It's no reason to abandon the GoTR alliance. Seriously it means very little in the grand scheme of MD.
  19. I am a citizen of NML in tag & description only, I don't actually have .:No Man's Land:. citizenship in the same sense as the other lands.   The reason for this is I was told by Council that No Homeland and No Man's Land are the same, so they could not grant me the actual citizenship( Don't have the email anymore so I can't quote them) which is why I was given a tag and description to mark me as a citizen of NML.   Just wanted to clarify a bit.
  20. Our team name is The Soulforged Demented  :ph34r:     The team consists of Bash Chelik (Bashaw Steel), Lania and myself (concussion in this case).
  21. I have the UP, and I am in the process of obtaining a Pimp. All that's left is the TS. I will find you in-game to discuss details.
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