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  1. No, there aren't 189 members in MB. Those points represent land loyalty. This topic explains the citizenship voting. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13216-citizenship-by-crash-test-dummy/
  2. I've only ever thought about it once, and it was only due to the strategic value that comes with it. I however didn't follow through with it. The amount of time needed to gather and maintain adepts exceeded what I could give at that point in time. If asked do I want to be an MP6 now without needing the adepts, I would say yes. Though, it would only be out of curiosity. Like anything else I've never seen before or experienced I am curious about the various aspects of it. (i.e the interface, the different spell trees, and any other aspect that is different where I am now.)
  3. A citizen can only vote on an application once. If you're still interested in joining, start another application. Any persistence and determination shown will go a long way.
  4. Thank you everybody! You've all made this Monday Birthday better! :)
  5. As the title says, I'm looking to buy a GG Drachorn. As of the 31st of December, I will have the funds to do so. If anyone is interested in selling one PM me in-game or on the forum. I'm not sure what the average going price in credits is. I'm not willing to pay more credits for it based on tokens; however I am willing to add gold and silver based on the amount of tokens the GG has.
  6. Happy Birthday Bash! I hope you're having a good one! :D
  7. Do you plan on selling the creatures or completing transactions on the creatures with bids that exceed the 10 day limit anytime soon?
  8. 1) Imperial Aramor ID: 266657 Age: 1960 Heat: 3302 2) BloodPact Heretic Archer ID: 308741 Age: 1947 Heat: 4099 3) Pimped Grasan ID: 606929 Age: 1778 Heat: 4099 1 GC & 3 SC for all three. ( 10 SC for the BP, 4 SC for the Imp and 4 SC the Pimped)
  9. 2) BloodPact Heretic Archer <------ 7 SC ID: 308741
  10. 16. BloodPact Heretic Archer (ID: 817653) <------ 7 SC Edit: Didn't see the other bid on it.
  11. 16. BloodPact Heretic Archer (ID: 817653) <------ 4 SC
  12. 9 days, or 216 hours, or 12960 minutes...Feels like an eternity either way I look at it >.

    1. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      Oh, poor little thing, why are they torturing you so long?

    2. everyone


      They must enjoy it, though at least I have gotten a reply, but it contains one of my least favorite words...

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