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  1. i like this :) makes me think of the passing of time - how things decay over time like the wall and things melting away like popsicles.

    but always, always, there's beauty to draw from it and art to behold.

    makes me sing to Michael Franks 'Popsicle Toes' :P

  2. nice going Z. :) wanna see it when it blooms.

    dont know much about growing plants. but notice how it bend towards the window? towards light? you may need to place it outside sometimes (not in direct heat) where light is overhead so it wont bend growing up. :)

  3. thank you guys :D its but white oil pastel over blue paper.

    do you see that it's a woman lying on her side? and that the 3 big stars represent the 'peak' of her breast and the 'depth' of her being as a woman? i made it look like a range of mountains on purpose and called it humanscape or womanscape. let me know is you saw the woman first or the hilly mountain or what. thanks again!:)

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