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  1. I swear Firefox is determined to make everything difficult >.

    1. Chewett


      Try using Chrome? Or Opera? or something else if firefox is being annoying.

    2. Nimrodel


      opera is good for md. Chrome is too fast for md. :p you'l get lot of irritating messages when you are mving in betn scenes.

  2. You'll need specific herbs to unlock the other direction. I was told last night that using the common basket does not affect the herb count at the scene.
  3. I'm going with 153. They've been busy guys, and I'm hoping they keep going! :D
  4. I agree that the revival methods available need work. The guards need to be visible whether you've attacked them before or not, but that's not what this topic is about. In the beginning, I was where Nim is. Murder is wrong and should be punished. In my mind it still is wrong in reality. MD isn't reality. I would hope everybody here is intelligent enough to separate killing in MD from killing in reality. Death doesn't have the same meaning in MD. To try and pose a realm wide punishment for "the use of a tool" isn't done. People can die in many ways--socially, emotionally, physica
  5. Painting and moving...I'll be around off and on but not for long.

  6. I'm curious about Mur's story for the cow and his personal reasons. Is it funny? Serious? Thoughtful?
  7. Rumi is gone at least for a while. What point is there to pursue any of it? Is it an insult? It would depend on whether you think being called a cow is an insult. While they aren't very bright, a lot of people like cows. If you are "over grazing", truth isn't an insult.
  8. Hey you old bag of bones happy birthday to ya! Get out and have some serious fun or else I may have to come and make you :P XD
  9. Here are the Loreroot Land Laws as posted in Ash Arch just inside the Loreroot Gate. Never do anything to harm the forest including provoking others. Do not harvest below 2/3 of any resource. Respect each other for the good of the land. Those who hold an office should have the respect of the office. Treat each other honestly and fairly. Aid fellow citizens in training and improvement. Defend other Lorerootians by word and deed. Pass papers should only be used for specific reasons such as the following: tours for MP3's & quests. Do not give away Loreroot creatures. They s
  10. O_O I've heard a lot of things about dst over the years, but wow that was new. Things like that shouldn't be said about anybody regardless of who they are or what they may or may not have done. Nobody deserves that.
  11. I've written a post several times but didn't post it. This kind of topic can be quite toxic. With some of the issues you've been having, I worry for you. Jump into MD as a regular player more and talk to people you don't usually talk to. Branch out and expand your circle. You may find a gem you never knew existed.
  12. The baskets are not "Loreroot" baskets. They are simply Herb Baskets. As for my questions, you could have simply said "no".
  13. LHO mafia? There is no such thing as a mafia *looks around innocently and giggles* ;) Happy Birthday, Greedo! :D
  14. Now you can rise like the phoenix from the ashes reborn anew. Fresh starts and new beginnings help us to learn and grow.
  15. You are proving yourself the bigger person in this, Chewett. If things work out to her release, I hope she takes the opportunity to make a positive change in her interactions with you.
  16. I'm not sure you intend it this way, but your apology is coming across as a child that is being forced to apologize like when a parent says, "Say you're sorry." Those are rarely sincere and hold no real regret. Had this been in the real world and you splashed these accusations in the media, you could go to jail for slander along with Chewett being able to sue you for damages. A true apology apologizes, admits wrong doing and tries to make a mends in some way.
  17. Any time I have spoken to Chewett or seen him in action in the realm, he has never been indecent. I do not believe Chewett did anything to alter or assault the Magistra account. Heck, I'd believe I attacked your account before I believe Chewett did it. You don't get to a trusted level in MD without integrity. Magistra should stay in jail and serve her time.
  18. o_O What? You're leaving?? Nooooo...... *cries* *sniffs* Be well and take care. May the sun always shine on you without burning and the rain only water when needed.
  19. Noooo....don't tell. It could be a spoiler! :P
  20. *sings* Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Shemmykins! Happy Birthday to you! Party like you don't have to work tomorrow! XD
  21. Post the stuff, Poe. If someone pulls it, they'll expose who they are and we'll all know.
  22. The louder you scream the less I hear you

    1. gonzalocsdf95


      It's like in nightmares XD

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