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  1. Be well, my friend. I shall miss you greatly. *hugs*
  2. King's Contest still open. Time is running out!

  3. Less than one week to go! Be sure to turn your stories in soon. :D
  4. You may want to talk to Grido about lighthouse repair.
  5. It's something Loreroot has done for the last several years. It's about tradition. Loreroot is a group of forest dwellers that tend to be druidic. I am -not- saying we're a bunch of druids. Each of us has a similarity to it is all. This was a ceremony that we all liked when we started it. We have the ceremony and invite the realm to attend if they wish. It's not so much about pushing back the darkness for us as a time of coming together to share our own light in a time of relative "darkness" (lack of activity). Like much of Loreroot, it's not what you'd think it is.
  6. I'd like the thing to slow down when I'm trying to sort them. It always seems to speed up instead :P
  7. I've seen you both around occasionally. Happy Birthday! :)
  8. Why not make the nightshade a reality in game? Instead of drunk speak, your words could appear slower in the chat to go with it.
  9. I wish you all the best. *hugs* :)
  10. It has been asked if video or slideshow is acceptable. We find this acceptable as long as it isn't too long.
  11. You may want to try working with a player that has a lot of medals if you're going to work with the first image.
  12. In honor of Murmas, the rulers of the mainlands are having a story writing contest. The theme: How the Kings (Consuls, Tribunes, etc) celebrate Murmas. At some point during the story, they should all be together like having Murmas dinner. (hint hint) Length: we're looking at about 1 page Date due: 12/19 sent to Mya in game please. Winners will be announced sometime between 12/24 and 12/26 (depending on other events in the realm) Prizes: Lock in Chaos spellstone Coinage (gold/silver) Teleport to Lighthouse spellstone Toadspeak spellstone Acousticremains spellstone
  13. When buttons disappear, try clearing cache and refreshing. You may have to go as far as logging out and back in.
  14. FYI the standard pencil "lead" is 2B (at least in the US it is). That's probably what your mechanical pencil is. It is actually a good weight to sketch with. For erasers, I often use the common "Pink Pearl" eraser because of its grit. There are fancy erasers like gum and kneaded erasers that I've used in the past, but none worked as well. One thing I would suggest is keeping one end of the eraser for tiny line erases and the other for broader areas. That way only one end of the eraser gets rounded while the other stays pointy. Dolomich's suggestion of sketching is what my teache
  15. My thoughts and prayers are with you. It can be incredibly difficult to move with a child (although I discovered our dog had greater trauma over it). Be safe and good luck in all your endeavors. *hugs*
  16. Ooo new color! It feels very fallish. :)

  17. We post the laws in hopes that those who enter Loreroot will respect the land. I won't go into my usual rant about depletion. If you want us as a land to respect your land, respect ours.
  18. I'm so sorry to hear about what's happened. *hugs* I hope you're able to find happiness again. You'll be missed.
  19. Where's the thrill of the hunt if we're already told? :P
  20. *sings* Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Chewett! Happy birthday to you! Most of us don't say this often enough, but you're an awesome guy who totally rocks!! Thank you for all that you do. May you always feel appreciated. I hope you have a terrific birthday and good times all year long. *hugs*
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