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  1. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Lucius! Happy Birthday to you! May your day be filled with happiness that lasts throughout the whole year.
  2. *smiles and hugs* Congratulations, Firs! I know you will lead us well. A wish for you: May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, The foresight to know where you are going, And the insight to know when you have gone too far.
  3. I play chess. I'm not very good at it though
  4. I'm with Phantasm. I'd really like to get the "under construction" off my scroll. Granted not all the chapters should lead to access to Necrovion, but maybe getting the permentant ability to cast a specific spell or the ability to access Golemus would be nice. Just suggestions
  5. On your journey through the realm, you come across a beautiful bird the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Drawn closer to the bird by its great beauty, you realize that it’s also quite sad. The bird looks at you as a voice echoes in your head, “Help me return to my love.” You look at the bird in mild surprise. “How can I help you?” you ask. “I have been searching the universe for a present to help free my love from a curse. I must have a symbol of my love to restore her to me. Will you help me?” You nod slowly still surprised over the power of the bird, “How will
  6. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Pample! Happy Birthday to you!
  7. Technically I believe the term is Prince consort.
  8. *poke and smiles* Why do you look so serious in your pic? Lighten up! :D

  9. Just thought I'd pop in and say "Hi!" *smiles*

  10. Aww...the chicks are cute :)

  11. Woohoo!! Congrats, Phantasm *pounces in excitement*
  12. *smiles* Your birthday is 2 days before mine. *pouts* I'm exactly 10 years older though. Thanks for all your hard work.

  13. I shall mentor you, Mysteria, along with Sharazhad when she available.
  14. The Guardians of the Root are please to announce the promotion of Sharazhad and Shemhazaj from Novice to Guardian. Our current ranks are as follows: Leader - Firsanthalas Elders - Sagewoman & Mya Celestia Guardians - CrazyMike, Windy, Siala Lone Wolf, Sharazhad & Shemhazaj Novices - Death Ray, Grayhawk & Cross Swords Apprentice/Mentor - White Reaper/Sagewoman
  15. *smiles* Everyone deserves forgiveness. I forgive you, Fenrir. It takes a lot to apologize to someone especially in public. With time, maybe we will understand each other's point of view.
  16. From the album: Mya's Pics

    © © MagicDuel.com

  17. Aww....things won't be the same without our favorite puppy. No puppy can ever truly be replaced. Good luck in the future.
  18. Would you believe I offered someone a mug and t-shirt and they asked if they get any armor rating or silver for them. Some people just can't RP
  19. Hey, be nice to Zal. Bagpipes rock!!

  20. The choice should be hers. If her husband is considered dead, then she should have the choice to stay in servitude or not. If the Rajj returns, then it would be between the two of them. If there was no decision before the Rajj left concerning her fate, it should be her decision.
  21. Happy Birthday!! *smiles*

  22. *kisses his cheek and smiles*

  23. Tokens and creatures may be possible, but I'm not sure the stats could be removed without causing massive issues. It is an interesting idea.
  24. Very gracious and kind *smiles*

  25. There is also the situation of people who can only aquire tokens through free credits. The cost to aquire tokens can get expensive. In the mean time, the win/loss ratio goes crazy because of token rits. A 6 drach rit was already painful, but a tokened 6 drach rit is a slaughter.
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