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  1. [color="#8B0000"][font="Palatino Linotype"]My best memory is of Lucius and Aia's wedding. It was the first "big" event I got to witness. Their vows were beautiful and Khalazdad performed the ceremony. That was one of only a couple of times that I ever got to see Khal awake. The reception at the DQ was quite an event, too. It was the first time I was really immersed in an RP event. A truly magical event. [/font][/color]
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you are better soon
  3. Wow! This is going so fast mine doesn't even begin to keep up
  4. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Blackwood! Happy Birthday to You! Best wishes for a happy day and year
  5. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Renata! Happy Birthday to You! May your day be as special as you are
  6. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Yrth! Happy Birthday to You! May your day be full of fun and pleasant surprises!
  7. *giggles* Switch it to whiskey and I can think of someone else who would try this cake.
  8. I have spoken with Lazarus and he freely and willingly has given me the drachorn scales. He was very friendly about the whole thing and was eager to settle things. I would like to thank Lazarus for his consideration.
  9. [font="Palatino Linotype"]Amoran's Winning Deer Hunt: [Outside the Oak Tower] : Amoran K Kol pauses and raises her silver, color ringed eyes to the Tower, veering off of her path to the Oak Fort upon sensing the need for her bow. : Amoran K Kol walks quietly up to the Tower and enters inside.. [Interior of the Oak Tower - 1st level] : Amoran K Kol searches behind Nelya's desk for her bow and mutters something as it is nowhere to be found. : Amoran K Kol manuevers her way out of the small space and heads up the stairs to the second level. [Interior of the Oak Tower - 2nd level] : Amor
  10. [font="Palatino Linotype"]Winners of the Loreroot Contests: RP Deer Hunt-- 1.Amoran K. Kol 2.Assira the Black 3.Adam Icepheonix Kudos to Nimrodel for her humerous attempt and Czez for trying to save the deer Cocktail Receipe-- Czez Pimp My Knator-- North Equilibrium Loreroot Fashion-- Assira the Black Muffin Receipe-- Nimrodel Dance Contest-- Kyphis Events at the Bonfire-- Trivia 1.Rhaegar 2.Grido Story writing Sagewoman Thank you all for participating! I hope you enjoyed it. Winners who haven't received their prize yet, please see Mya Ce
  11. [font="Palatino Linotype"][size="6"]Loreroot Fall Festival's Finale!![/size] An assortment of events will be happening this day including a story contest. Your story must include something from Loreroot or take place in Loreroot. No word requirement or anything too challenging. Be sure to be in Loreroot throughout the day for different events popping up, which include trivia, story telling, a "battle-friendly" CoE service, and other random events. Awards will be given out at the very end for the winners of the contests through the week. We of Loreroot hope you enjoyed the Festival and
  12. [font="Palatino Linotype"]Get out your costumes and get ready to dance! Day 338 is a dance contest. So shake your fanny and raise your hands in the air! Send your dances to Sparrhawk or Phantom Orchid. You've got until Day 339 to get them done. Preview of Day 339: An assortment of events will be happening this day including a story contest. Your story must include something from Loreroot or take place in Loreroot. No word requirement or anything too challenging. There will be other events throughout Day 339.[/font]
  13. WP's for alts would be nice because many quests are not alt friendly. Maybe 2 a year for the main and 1 a year for alts. Perhaps a non-transferrable code could be placed on age earned wp's. (edited)
  14. [font="Palatino Linotype"]Get out your mixer and get ready to bake! Day 337's contest is in honor of Loreroot's king. A muffin receipe contest!! Here's the conditions: 1. Create a muffin receipe from some of the many wonderous things that grow in Loreroot. 2. Muffin receipe must actually work (Firsanthalas may want to try it). 3. Submit your receipe to Firsanthalas or Tarquinus. You've only got 24 hours so get baking! [/font]
  15. [font="Palatino Linotype"][size="6"]Pimp My Knator!![/size] Make your knator look awesome on Day 335!! Using the tool found at http://the-cript.com/gotr/knator/knator.html Pimp your knator or you could try other computerized tools you have at your disposal. (no hand drawing) Then send a link for your picture of your Pimped Knator to Sparrhawk or Princ Rhaegar. Contest ends 0:00 Day 336!! Early notice of Day 336's contest. Loreroot fashion. Is there an artist in you somewhere or a fashion designer? Draw something that may be worn by someone in Loreroot. People to send to will be r
  16. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Ray! Happy Birthday to you! New year and new opportunities. Hope you have a great day and year!
  17. Could always send an e-card. Many of us have our email address in our info. If someone wants to receive a card but not give their address, send an e-card. Merry Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!
  18. I must admit I really don't see a need to push people to another level. Forcing someone along doesn't really benefit them just the person waiting hungrily at the next level. Besides, if the lower MP level joins an alliance, MP5's in an alliance can beat on them. Maybe create a battle arena where MP level doesn't matter. Then all levels can beat each other all they want.
  19. [font="Palatino Linotype"]It's day 334 and the start of a new contest. Today's contest: Cocktail Receipe! 1. Create a drink from things that may be grown or brewed in Loreroot. 2. Drink must be reproducible. 3. Description of the drink including any garnish added to it. Contest ends 0:00 day 335! Anyone can participate Please send your entry to Gremlin or Sharazhad[/font]
  20. [font="Palatino Linotype"][size="5"]Welcome to the Loreroot Fall Festival![/size] Our kickoff event is a deer hunt. The rules for the hunt are as follows: 1. 1 deer limit per player 2. RP must be written in chat, copied to a pm and sent to Sparrhawk or Mya Celestia. We will be watching. Include the coordinates or screen name of your hunt location, too. 3. Deer may only be taken in Loreroot, backdoor, and 2 Alche's Alley screens 4. No deer may have over 14 points. A smaller rack with high quality RP could easily win. Hunt ends 0:00 day 334. (edited) All trophies and/or prizes will
  21. Bound to Loreroot heart and soul, I humbly ask for citizenship. My talents, abilities, and blades for the great forest of Loreroot. Thank you for your attention, Mya Celestia Second of the Guardians of the Root
  22. When the notifier goes off, refresh your screen. That way the pm doesn't automatically open. Then you can click the pm button and see who sent it and delete it without ever reading it.
  23. Aww, absolutely adorable!!!! I completely understand. Enjoy!
  24. Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear Tara! Happy Birthday to You! May you have a joyous day
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