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  1. Happy Birthday to a great guy and an amazing artist!
  2. Just found out my mom's pancreatic cancer is inoperable. I know it's asking a lot, but if you pray please do so for her.

    1. Intrigue


      so so sorry Mya, in my thoughts

    2. Eagle Eye

      Eagle Eye

      I pray for a completely heal and i rebuke that cancer. Please tell him don't get mad and down. God have a purpose and his clean and heal now

    3. Sharazhad


      Huge hugs from me to you and your family.

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  3. Loreroot has gone through a bit of change recently. Per our structure, we have lowered the loyalty of the land requirement to 200 by popular vote within the land. This became necessary when a position opened within the government and only one met the requirement. Should this person have won the election, the change would still be required to fill the alternate position. Loreroot has held an election through its people for a new Consul. 8 people voted with myself as a null vote. (sadly that is approximately how many are active for voting) The results are as follows: Krioni 4 Eag
  4. Those who submitted have given permission for their entries to be shared. This was exactly how I received them. Entry #1 http://storenow.net/my/?f=636547e3536b501f477ac9ad2f8bb0f6 Some constellations don't move in the sky, some are used for direction. It only makes sense that the Guardians of the Root would stay and look over the forest from above as well as at ground level. Since the Guardian badge is also the land logo, having its likeness in the sky could also allow people to guide themselves towards Loreroot even if they get lost. Entry #2 http://storenow.net/...bfa5c7d3e274c32
  5. Krioni forwarded me three images. Without knowing who submitted them, I looked at each one. One was the Loreroot symbol, one was a mask and the third was a drachorn in flight. Each one had its own pros and cons. The winner is....*drum roll* The drachorn! The three entries will be shared if their creators wish them shared. Each of you please identify yourselves so that the TK's can give you your silvers and the winner your gold! :D
  6. Ever wanted to see your favorite MD scene's night version? Now is your chance to make it happen! Here's what you need to do: 1. Choose your favorite location in the realm. 2. Color it in a way of your choosing to make it look like it's night 3. Put a constellation in the sky of something MD related. 4. Write a paragraph about why you chose that particular thing for your constellation. 5. Send your constellation image and paragraph to Krioni by 8/19 (Loreroot's day of the Summer Fest). He will keep your identity secret from me so I can choose the winner without knowledge. Ever
  7. With this group in place, will trials similar to the ones in the other section further down the forum no longer happen?
  8. Darigan woke up in game a few times. Firs hasn't been back. Happy Birthday guys wherever you are :)
  9. Happy Birthday to my trouble causing sistah!
  10. I'd offered help to the CoE for restoration. I was told they wanted to "earn" it back. I'd been asked later by a different member of the former CoE how to restore it. I explained to that person what was needed. Never heard back after that. Help was offered to them by Loreroot leadership. I offer it again.
  11. Here it is. This is why I couldn't find it in bugs. I get this error during a replay of the log. I don't get it when I attack, but going back to watch the log gives it. Same error: Warning: gzuncompress(): need dictionary in /home/magicdue/public_html/dlg/dlg.combatreplay.php on line 37
  12. I guess what I don't get is Mur had been gone a long time before this and didn't seem to see a need for it. Now there is a need? My question isn't the people in the positions as much as the -need- for the positions.
  13. Happy Birthday to our awesome digger of knowledge :D
  14. I shall not reveal who voted for who. These were done anonymously and shall be kept as such by me.
  15. Pip and I calculated the votes. With a total of 9 voted cast by the Golemus population, Grido received 8 votes. Rophs received 1. Grido won the election.
  16. Sewing needle is the hard one in the first puzzle. It's very faint. ;)
  17. Sometimes we are forgotten

    1. Grido


      Sometimes we are not.

  18. There are 10 items listed on the side of the picture. Those are the items to find.
  19. An alternative way to celebrate Magic Duel's birthday with a hidden picture contest! Find the hidden images in different Loreroot scenes. There are a total of 6 hidden picture scenes. What you need to know: 1. Click the link for the first puzzle. http://storenow.net/my/?f=619c1fd2f3f9037ebeb1b8947af9890a 2. Find the 10 different items in the puzzle. 3. Send me a link of your answers circled within the image for verification. 4. If your answers are correct, I'll send you the link for the next pic. Note: Be sure to use the correct title in the message or you may get overlooked.
  20. We are in the process of streamlining our government after a year of working things out. Election for the 2 Consuls has been held. Mya Celestia remains Consul and Sunfire has been put in as full Consul instead of pro-tem.
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