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  1. Activity: Until recently, I was quite active daily within Loreroot.  I'll not bore you with details on the happenings of my reality that have exploded yet again >.<


    Role:  Presently I am a Loreroot Consul.


    I work mainly with the people of Loreroot in all internal matters of Loreroot from planning activities, handling governmental details and external matters for Loreroot involving the other land kings.


    Others have referred to me as the heart of Loreroot.


    This looks very attractive and seems the type of thing many people would agree to at first glance, but really when it comes into practice, 90% people are against this. Take the most recent example of me discussing Laby stuff with Mur being highly discouraged by the community, and all kings of wrong assumptions being made.

    You and I never had any words on your desires with the laby.  Even if we did, I'd have likely said something like "Are you sure?", "Have you really thought this through?" and things along those lines.  Any words we've shared recently were casual in passing because you were likely with Lintara at the time. (you two make a cute couple) 


    If you want to do things in and with the laby and you've got the backing of the powers that be, go for it. 


    Back on topic:

    I admit there have been a few times in the past that I've wondered what you saw in someone when you gave them something. Communication is key to helping us all understand.  Even if you came out and said, "Hey, I see some potential in this person.  Give them x months to get it going to see how they do.  Don't jump on their case!"  Not only would that cover you, but it would give that person a time frame to produce results.  It would keep them actively working toward their goal, or they would fail.

  3. The answers for the scavenger hunt:


    1. No
    2. loyal
    3. yes
    4. 5
    5. A grid for keeping things organized
    6. 3
    7. 1
    8. yes 2
    9. The gazebo is on the far right side
    10. Memory Stones and Herbs
    11. Flag
    12. Mt. Kelle'tha
    13. wilds
    14. loyal
    15. Tempest Fort and Storm Dock
    16. There aren't any
    17. A sword
    18. 2
    19. 70
    20. Mistletoe Bridge


    Aeoshattr came in first place and received a gold coin! (this is his image http://imgur.com/22RHr1H )

    AmberRune came in second and received a silver coin! (and this is hers http://storenow.net/my/?f=65d2961601da29b4740b0c66aaa21213 )


    dst won trivia on day 298 and received 2 silver coins!


    Eagle Eye and Legna will announce their winners when their events are completed.


    I would also like to thank Rophs for pulling the chats. :)


    Big thanks to Chewett for opening the back door for the event. :)


    I hope each and every one of you had a great time at Loreroot's Birthday celebration.  We look forward to seeing each and every one of you for the Yule Celebration in December!

  4. Here's the scavenger hunt clues.  You have 2 hours to complete it.  First one to get everything completely right gets a gold coin!  Message Mya in game with your answers.  Please include clue numbers.


    1. Are there any windows in the loyalty house?

    2. What is the 19th word in the paragraph inside the loyalty house?

    3. Can you see Wasp's Altar from Grassy Roads?


    4. How many complete, visible diamonds can you see on Madman's Trial?

    5. Inside the Totem's tower room is a set of buttons.  What does it say when you hover the arrow over the panel but not click it?

    6. How many visible windows are there in Lore Manor from the outside?

    7. How many windows are visible from the inside?


    8. Are there any leaves inside the Manor?


    9. Look a the buildings in the limbs of Oak Fort.  Can you find the one that looks like it could be a gazebo? 
    Include a screenshot of the fort with the possible gazebo circled in red.

    10. What can be collected at Hollow Den?


    11. There's something outside Oak Tower that is unique and wind moved.  What is it?

    12. If you were to put your back to Oak Tower and looked out over the water, what would you see in the distance?

    13. Go to War Hold.  What is the 4th word in the description of a knator?

    14. What is the 4th word in the description of the scout?


    15. If you're sitting under the tree at Stag Crossing, what can you see over the water this time?

    16. What are the resources at Ash Arch?


    17. What's on the desk at the Defense Quarters?


    18. How many swords are hanging on the wall in the DQ?


    19. What's the base ap to get into the hiding place?


    20. There's one scene that sort of looks like there is a sun in the sky.  Which one is it?

  5. Come one come all to

    Loreroot's Birthday celebration!


    For the first exciting event, the back door will be open thanks to the wonderful wookie of the realm!  If you can't come in through the front, try the back door by going through Marind Bell, heading toward the Archives then left through the alley.


    There will be opening history randomly through the day at the gate.


    There will be trivia and a scavenger hunt!


    Eagle Eye and Legna have quests.  See them





    and here:



    Come celebrate the opening of the forest with us!

  6. This post may or may not have been a smart thing to do.  My reason for doing it was because other avenues failed.  I tried to handle it myself.  I followed the chain afterwards I was told to pursue in order to try and get things calmed.  Instead of calming, they exploded. 

  7. @Sunfire:

    Considering we've been doing more training under Valoryn than we did under your command says more to his leadership than yours.  He's only had the alliance 2 months.  You "had to leave" because you were too busy.  Remember dumping the festival on Krioni because you had to leave?


    @Dark Demon:

    Just because we didn't jump at every suggestion you made doesn't me we resisted your ideas.  We didn't move fast enough for you.



    In the end, I state once more, I believe the alliance should stay dead. If people want it dead, then so be it. I will not work my bum off just to prove myself to someone just because someone arbitrarily decided that GotR is the one alliance out there that is slacking and that really needs to kick up its activity. I believe it should be LR's problem what LR does and if there's anything LR's leaders should stand up for it should be THAT, not doing what outsiders believe LR should do.


    Aeo has a point.  I could sit here and point out how little I see other alliances do as well.  In fact, that could be done to the entire realm.  To say that the Guardians are the one that's slacking accurate.  Some of us are in different time zones than the rest of you.  Just because you don't see us doesn't me we aren't doing something.


    Activity seems to be the trigger word.  First off, if you're looking for activity, why are you saying that an alliance meant for defense needs to be more active.  Why isn't your alliance attacking the Guardians so we can defend?  Your lack of activity is equal if not greater than ours.


    Defend the herbs.  We had been trying that a while back.  When Mur mentioned something about them changing, we stopped until his changes are made.  Then we'll put new actions into place.


    Ary Endleg make an excellent point.  The real purpose of an alliance is to bond people together.  To unify them.  Even if we don't "see" each other every day, we as a group are there for each other.  All any of them have to do is reach out, and they are there. 

  8. The Zombies are Coming!!!


    They will once you make them.  Get a shot of a creature and make it look like a zombie version of itself.  You can color it or leave it black and white.  There are 2 categories:  single creature and creature group.  That's in case you want to do several creatures in a mob.


    All creature images are to be posted in this thread.


    You may enter 1 submission in each category.


    Prizes for each category:

    Gold coin from Mya & spell stone of your choice from Eagle Eye.


    All submissions are to be in by 10/26!


    No alts please.

  9. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/magicdue/public_html/bar/inventory.php on line 42


    This is the error that is received when inventory is empty.  ITCs are not acquired either.  The message "you need to be in an item collecting area" appears both inside Willow's shop and inside the Defense Quarters.

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