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  1. *hopes she didn't miss this somewhere else* I'd like to see GoE repaired so it works like it used to.
  2. Activity: Until recently, I was quite active daily within Loreroot. I'll not bore you with details on the happenings of my reality that have exploded yet again >.< Role: Presently I am a Loreroot Consul. I work mainly with the people of Loreroot in all internal matters of Loreroot from planning activities, handling governmental details and external matters for Loreroot involving the other land kings. Others have referred to me as the heart of Loreroot.
  3. "Life is full of meetings and partings. That is the way of it." I, for one, will never forget you, Aeo. My brother. My friend. I hope you find happiness wherever you may roam. Know my heart goes with you. <3
  4. You and I never had any words on your desires with the laby. Even if we did, I'd have likely said something like "Are you sure?", "Have you really thought this through?" and things along those lines. Any words we've shared recently were casual in passing because you were likely with Lintara at the time. (you two make a cute couple) If you want to do things in and with the laby and you've got the backing of the powers that be, go for it. Back on topic: I admit there have been a few times in the past that I've wondered what you saw in someone when you gave them something. Communica
  5. Now that's a zombie! I'd been having trouble deciding between the two previous, but Eagle Eye has clearly beaten them. I apologize for my lingering decision on this. All entries will get a "surprise" prize for entering.
  6. The answers for the scavenger hunt: 1. No 2. loyal 3. yes 4. 5 5. A grid for keeping things organized 6. 3 7. 1 8. yes 2 9. The gazebo is on the far right side 10. Memory Stones and Herbs 11. Flag 12. Mt. Kelle'tha 13. wilds 14. loyal 15. Tempest Fort and Storm Dock 16. There aren't any 17. A sword 18. 2 19. 70 20. Mistletoe Bridge Aeoshattr came in first place and received a gold coin! (this is his image http://imgur.com/22RHr1H ) AmberRune came in second and received a silver coin! (and this is hers http://storenow.net/my/?f=65d2961601da29b4740b0c66aaa21213 )
  7. Here's the scavenger hunt clues. You have 2 hours to complete it. First one to get everything completely right gets a gold coin! Message Mya in game with your answers. Please include clue numbers. 1. Are there any windows in the loyalty house? 2. What is the 19th word in the paragraph inside the loyalty house? 3. Can you see Wasp's Altar from Grassy Roads? 4. How many complete, visible diamonds can you see on Madman's Trial? 5. Inside the Totem's tower room is a set of buttons. What does it say when you hover the arrow over the panel but not click it? 6. How many visible w
  8. Scavenger Hunt at 22:00 starting at Maple Road. Day 299!
  9. Mya Celestia

    March Snow

    A day after a fresh, heavy snow
  10. The back door will be open. Have a little patience. Some people do sleep.
  11. Come one come all to Loreroot's Birthday celebration! For the first exciting event, the back door will be open thanks to the wonderful wookie of the realm! If you can't come in through the front, try the back door by going through Marind Bell, heading toward the Archives then left through the alley. There will be opening history randomly through the day at the gate. There will be trivia and a scavenger hunt! Eagle Eye and Legna have quests. See them here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/15797-loreroot-song-quest/#entry156071 and here: http://magicduel.invi
  12. This post may or may not have been a smart thing to do. My reason for doing it was because other avenues failed. I tried to handle it myself. I followed the chain afterwards I was told to pursue in order to try and get things calmed. Instead of calming, they exploded.
  13. Time is running out for the zombie creature contest!
  14. @Sunfire: Considering we've been doing more training under Valoryn than we did under your command says more to his leadership than yours. He's only had the alliance 2 months. You "had to leave" because you were too busy. Remember dumping the festival on Krioni because you had to leave? @Dark Demon: Just because we didn't jump at every suggestion you made doesn't me we resisted your ideas. We didn't move fast enough for you. Aeo has a point. I could sit here and point out how little I see other alliances do as well. In fact, that could be done to the entire realm. To say t
  15. Look I know I've become a few people's favorite target lately. I've asked for it to stop in quiet places, but ways are being found around it. You've killed me. You've destroyed the Guardians of the Root. Do you really want me out that badly? Stop already. My Mother dying of cancer is bad enough. I come here to escape the misery that has become my outside life lately only to have it compounded here. I'm saying this now in front of everybody. Please stop. Stop the attacks on me and on Loreroot.
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