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  1. Definitely Kragel and the sleeping goat. I couldn't figure out how to beat the bull, so went the other way as far as I could and found Kragel. He said he was too busy at the smith, but find the one under the tree. Of course I found Z who was much more alert in those days. Though that was the first time someone helped me, it has yet to be the last. From days spent lounging under the trees in Loreroot, to the long evenings spent outside the tent listening to stories told about scary things hidden down in the secretive Necrovion. Too many helped to ever try and list in full.
  2. phantasm

    Ann 4268

    I agree with DST. Many projects on the board to be done in the past have long been undone by most all of us people of MD. Perhaps this would be a good leap tward moving into a new start that would help revitalize the place.
  3. extended one more time to give anyone who wants a chance to do it. Lets try July 20th. Would really like to see someone do this.
  4. Ok I will extend this quest then until July 8th!
  5. There has not been any submissions as of yet. Before I extend this quest is there even anyone interested in completing it?
  6. added amendment to quest. You can make a real life funeral crown and submit the picture as well. As always it must have an MD signature in the picture to prove its yours and done currently for the quest. A way to take part of the quest even if you can't draw, like me.
  7. In order for us to bring loved ones back from the dead, we must fist create a funeral crown. In order to do that we must first know what one looks like. So this quest is to draw what you think a funeral crown would look like. It is mainly made from flowers. This quest will run from 6/11 to 6/24. The rewards to start with will be 2 gold coins and your drawing will be turned into the item picture. If there are lots of drawings send in, more rewards will be added.
  8. wait how did my name get brought up in this? Not only did Eon only say citizens, not his citizens, but I am already an adept of Nimmy because I agree with what Eon is saying. The fact you've made a post, edited it, deleted it, then reposted this garbage says a lot.
  9. Sorry for the long wait for an update. With the birthday party and all the new changes its been a very busy time for everyone. We have come up with a quest and as soon as we have the tools to start, it will be announced and we will start getting people back to the world of the living. If anything I hope that death teaches us patience. It will be a permanent quest that requires patience and foot work.
  10. As title sates looking to buy any common items that relate to carpentry (aka hammer, nails, square, saw, etc) Please send me an in game or forum pm if you have one for sale.
  11. Are these still going to happen? Been about 6 months now since last one.
  12. As seems to be the common reply against, the main factor is age of the character before MD. When Phantasm came to MD he was already "an old soul". Then after his death in the storm he became almost like dust in the wind. His stats are hugely in the negative, and can hardly build heat. So in theory Phantasm is really alot older then his age would state. I like your idea of being "a delusional old lady who thinks she is 10", but it does bring added issues to some role players. I think if age were added into the game as a "fact" then there should be some sort of equivalence to its actions.
  13. Nimmy oh Nimmy the Goddess of Love A heavenly being sent down from above One look at her face and you will fall to your knees For her eyes unlock your soul like keys Hold onto your every breath when she is around Blow your trumpets and make the sound The sound of horns will raise your ears Queen Sheba will forever ease your fears Nimmy oh Nimmy never leave our grace, SO that forever we may look upon your face
  14. aye same, also does hidden topics show to everyone?
  15. In regards to Mur's announcement we Caretakers have began a new stage in our life.  Instead of trying to just bury or cremate the dead, now we are also charged with helping those who wish it back to life.  We have already had a few people step forward with flowers to try and bring back their kin.  We are working diligently on this project and will do our best to get those back to life.  Of course there are a few details to work out in order to comply with what Murs/chewys ideas are for these changes in dynamics.    Before we had Molquert to bring those back to l
  16. im down for some jail time as long as Burns doesn't drop the soap.
  17. All rewards have been given out, topic can be closed.  Thank you everyone for participating
  18. Ah yes sorry for the wrong name, i meant ungod.  Jubaris's story had all requirements.  I will remove Ungod from the disqualification list, but as I stated he did not have high enough score for 1-4.  I hope in the future to keep issues like this from coming up
  19. Apparently there were some issues with this quest as to what was considered a "death" in these stories.  If Jubaris is taken off the disqualification list, he still did not score high enough to be 1-4, so receives the same reward.  People view what is an actual death differently it would seem, so my apologies for not being more precise in my description. The judges scores and qualifications were based on their view of what a death was, more in terms of a slaying.  In the future I will try and make it more clear of what we consider death being in a story.  I personally was t
  20.  I agree that DST should be taken off the disqualification list.  By score then that makes DST at 3rd place.    As clarification, all stories were scored wether they qualified the requirements or not,  as stated in the post aobut Kyphis story.
  21. DST's story did follow the guidelines after further discussion and has been taken off the disqualification list.
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