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  1. Yeah.... I had a lot of rl stuff to do. I'm going to try and stay on more often. But the school has it blocked, so I might go on at home later.

  2. im glad to see you back on i was wodering what happened to you. . . . . . . .

  3. Hasn't been on in a while. T.T

  4. so, how's Cal-E-forn-I-A?

  5. Ooh, school, better than freezing my rear off, and watching out for things that'll eat you.

  6. Goin' Good. Though at the moment a short break. I has school. @__@

  7. hows the art life going?

  8. Bark Bark! Hiya there. :D

  9. That makes two of us, lassie.

  10. Good. Then perhaps not only to learn what you will teach, but maybe we could get some kind of knowledge of Necrovion as well?
  11. Just make it worth 0.50$ for a silver coin. They'd have to spend 2 md credits just to get 2 silver, an in turn, only be able to spend 1 md credit for every 2 silver coins. People would still use it in game.
  12. [quote name='Shadowseeker' date='29 July 2009 - 10:30 AM' timestamp='1248885054' post='38183'] Sorry for not bothering to read all of this, but I'm sorta distracted: Adding an AURA which makes something every turn isn't wise, make it the ability of the creat itself. Auras apply at the start, continuosly, they don't change..if you make it that way it means a lot lot of extra code for mur. (if he adds it that is) [/quote] Oh my! I never thought of that! >.> Guess I'll just make it like all the other aura abilities. o____o
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