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  1. Same here....mega, mega annoying. I get blasted out sometimes 3 - 4 times in 10 mins. Really sucks when you have sacrificed several crits for stats then it blings on you.....stats all gone!. Lost to many fights because it looged out just before an attack. Then log back on and hey someone else has nabbed me. Sometimes good, sometimes terrible. Also one of my Alts lost loads of extra stats on story mode, I was the doing 24hr mode and when its time to continue the page sometimes freezes, no option but to refresh andf of course I loose all my stats. Macnia
  2. Yes it was for Golemus Coast - thought Id seen that abbreviation before, will refer to the Island as a whole from now on, GG it is. Yes I know its the Land Guardian but whats it doing blocking a Mp6?......a deadly illness it is. Is it a bug or is it suppose to happen. If it is supposed to happen then Id say MUR himself set the curse in place and wont be qquick to remove it Macnia
  3. Hello dst!.....hows it going....?
  4. Spoke to MRD today...he is hanging around the wall of Necrovion. Cant get past A massive Bull....he says he caught something on GC.....glad I wasnt over there. Thanks for the info Macnia
  5. Hello all Probably just a question that I could answer myself If I was online more offen ( the last few days I have been taking a rest) What is all the aramour activity about on GC and is it just for Mp2 and few other selective players. If not are we supposed to be over there as my player map says that the island is covered with orange dots!. (oh and is the Crimson Blade under any threat!) Best Macnia
  6. Helo Vassi. Hope the Heads contest isnt putting you off!
  7. What do I have to do to become a Sapling?...I do spend a lot of my days at the Oak Fort fishing. Its peace and soiltide and of course the fine conversations with Amoran and Logan make me feel at home. I was once attracted to Necrovion but now I see my skills have more use within Loreroot. Macnia
  8. Dear Sagewoman Has always been a warm and friendly place. I would love to have a room there as Im tired of sleeping on the wicker chair or floor of the Inn. Macnia
  9. Macnia


    Macnia means "boy Hero" in old Irish (could be) I found it looking up my sons name which is Lughan which comes from a Celtic deity called Lugh but he had many names one of which was Macnia. Good post. Macnia
  10. Hello there Amigo....met you on MD!
  11. Ok so how do I send it to Mur? [quote name='Firsanthalas' post='27706' date='Mar 25 2009, 11:57 AM']Ok, nice idea, but that is more of a game implementation thing. That is really up to Mur. Still nice idea I think.[/quote]
  12. Dear Firs, Hello my Irish friend. Good post. I would like to see a Healing pool somewhere in MD perhaps somewhere between the back entrance to Loreroot and the archives. Not much going on there really. Just and idea. The healing would cost players 30-50 AP and would regenerate there Vitaity to 100%. It would only work once a day. I think this would keep more palyers online longer and create more interest in the game. There would be more battles and new players would especially enjoy the game more. Anyway, just a thought. You could call it the "The water of Life"...."Uisge Beatha"
  13. An excellent Idea. To start what about a way that all players can make one or two real items themselves, approved of course. That way we could generate a whole stock of items that we could then circulate. Items should cost between 1 - 5 silver coins, as many players don't have siver it would slow down trading considerably, as metioned silver is mostly owned by the upper class of MD and it is hard to obtain, mostly through quests. Maybe 1 silver coin could be given to players who complete the Loreroot guards or the Willows guards for example. A barter system would be other option, item for an i
  14. Dear my Captain Cryxus I am glad to be aboard your fine ship. Let us plunder and be merry. Tell me when and I can catch a fine selection of fish for a great banquet on board. Your humble serving pirate Macnia - Ship Angler and poet.
  15. I will try and ,make it. Oh and its my Birthday on the 13th....I will be 18 (character) Macnia
  16. Count me in as a supporter/helper, I will do what I can when I am around. :good: Macnia
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