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  1. Sounds good to me.

    I would like to get something this time. As my hours online always conflist with prize given etc. Missed out on the Maze (passed it but was too late), missed out on heads (not online at the right time), missed out on free goodies from Mur( was attending a more improtant matter, fishing!)

    Ah well, hoepfully I can gain somthing this time

    Good luck with it Jester


  2. Burns: while suffering from terrible pain, but all of a sudden, he has THE idea to save his life:
    Glaistig: he shoves his finger down his throat, so as to induce a gagging reflex to purge the his system
    Lulu: but the cruel laughter of Jonn and Hannah makes him choke on his vomit as his eyes fill with desperate tears--he can'tbreathanymorethevomittastesrealbad and THE WORLD IS CRUEL--gone--and he is dead. Either oblivious or uncaring, Hannah and Jonn...
    Grido: continue their laughing. They soon remember that there's still the strange man in the room (you know the one with the brother, with the picture hanging up)....
    Metal Bunny: The man then suddenly wakes up from his surreal dream and
    Burns: realizes Hannah is standing over him, tickling him with a feather, ready to...
    Rex: whip him with a whip made of..
    Apophys: thick Grasan leather, belonging to Dark Priestess (a.k.a. Peace), just for fun. Afterwards, she intends to...
    Lightsage: slit his throat with a concealed dagger at her hip which happens to...
    MRWander: have been the same dagger that killed Marind and Wodin from which it was...
    Metal Bunny: smuggled out of sight by Grido, by hiding it in his favourite orifice and...
    Aarow: swallowing it so he fullfill his evil plan to....
    Macnia: to devour Hannah and enjoy......

  3. I wouldnt even know were still looking for one anyway. Are they that good?

    Another thing about the Survey...I did it of course but it was with one of my lower Mp3 accounts. I didnt know that we could could only do it once so I answered questions related to that account....like Can you get into Loreroot...I answer NO...but I "Macnia can of course"....ah well


  4. Same here....mega, mega annoying. I get blasted out sometimes 3 - 4 times in 10 mins. Really sucks when you have sacrificed several crits for stats then it blings on you.....stats all gone!. Lost to many fights because it looged out just before an attack. Then log back on and hey someone else has nabbed me.

    Sometimes good, sometimes terrible.

    Also one of my Alts lost loads of extra stats on story mode, I was the doing 24hr mode and when its time to continue the page sometimes freezes, no option but to refresh andf of course I loose all my stats.


  5. Yes it was for Golemus Coast - thought Id seen that abbreviation before, will refer to the Island as a whole from now on, GG it is.
    Yes I know its the Land Guardian but whats it doing blocking a Mp6?......a deadly illness it is. Is it a bug or is it suppose to happen. If it is supposed to happen then Id say MUR himself set the curse in place and wont be qquick to remove it


  6. Hello all

    Probably just a question that I could answer myself If I was online more offen ( the last few days I have been taking a rest)

    What is all the aramour activity about on GC and is it just for Mp2 and few other selective players. If not are we supposed to be over there as my player map says that the island is covered with orange dots!.

    (oh and is the Crimson Blade under any threat!)


  7. What do I have to do to become a Sapling?...I do spend a lot of my days at the Oak Fort fishing. Its peace and soiltide and of course the fine conversations with Amoran and Logan make me feel at home.

    I was once attracted to Necrovion but now I see my skills have more use within Loreroot.


  8. Macnia means "boy Hero" in old Irish (could be) I found it looking up my sons name which is Lughan which comes from a Celtic deity called Lugh but he had many names one of which was Macnia.

    Good post.


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